1. DENNIS BRO wow happy your here. Darlene told me she tried to get many of you my link thanks so much. All will be the same except here now bro. So happy to start finally seeing familiar faces.

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  1. I have always been a person who can visualize and have a way of just knowing how things came to be as throughout my life I was guided and somehow received much information about other worlds.At times I thought they were my thoughts. Maybe the loss of my dad and grandfather when I was 6. They came to me and talked to me. I did see them clear as day and half disappearing like between two worlds. It marked me I remember.Told me that their was another place they were going to. Told me not to worry. My grandfather also told me that he would be on a star if I needed him. My grandmother told me that often before she too passed away. The star stayed stuck in my head. Then many years go by and a star comes up one night and I decide to get the surface of it. I chose a dim star and I landed upon a dark planet instead. The planet was littered with structures and statue like towering objects. I always new inside they were there. The many shadows I see as I have come to live with this and was not easy. It woke me up to the reality that life could possibly exist in other states of matter. Other forms. The filtering I have been doing this for 10 years but with nature to bring out the vibrant color of the grass or a rose pedal after a rain or in the early morning dew hours of the morning. I studied wavelengths since I had first heard of Nikola Tesla. Seeing all he could do with electricity and seeing he stepped over the boundaries and always brought the world something amazing but was not credited back then. He was laughed at. Now today we see the entire world looks like his laboratory now and he was forgotten and left to die in NewYork in a one bedroom apartment and died alone. With all his patents and ideas. I took a chance in reaching out to the world and I am seeing many like me stuck in their worlds not being able to talk about their thoughts seeing the world is not ready for these thoughts. If aliens exist in life they are our protectors. They will be and most likely already ARE the ones who presented us with all our technologies we have here on Earth. Is it so hard to accept that we might not be alone on this globe? Their are endless galaxies of planets just like earth and not that far away. They are filled with life and life that us on earth would have to learn about science a little before we are even able to comprehend the basic idea of their very different states of matter. When you too have an awakening. You too will feel alone. Even knowing the entire secret of the Universe will leave you stuck on being able to explain the complexity of it all. I am here to evolve and help the world evolve too. We are living in a world where each of our realities are different then one another. Therefore who is right and who is wrong? We are visionaries as we have built this entire world on THEORY? I think not. We had some help.

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    1. THE FORCE! Hey Regis I am very happy to see you again man. Yes bro I thank you very much for the generous contributions. Bro here we will be better and please let me know if anything is not working but it will take one more day until things go better but the domain is up. Thanks man. More vids tomorrow I continue recent moon footage I got hours of it. On it’s way. I am trying to re upload all the best of the older channel videos. Happy your back man and again I can’t thank you enough for all the help. Regis one more thing. Your mentions and amazing comments you left me on the fund raiser really is amazing. Just the xomments is enough to make me continue forever. We are just getting warmed up Regis now I am gonna get creative. LOL. Hope to see you around in the community. When I post recent videos I will always write Todays video so you will know they are not the old. I really want to upload my other ones I miss them loll.

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    2. New video I will make today along with videos from the Classic Collection . It is what I am calling my old channel vids. Old is a big word I have been doing this for a year. loll

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    1. I’ll be honest it is great being able to reply indeed. A big channel wants to reach me. Will tell ya in private message later. Sec…

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    1. HELLO THANKS FOR THAT FEEDBACK. I will note this and yes I am hoping that I am not being kept out of the mainstream. I am doing ok too thanks very much. In all honesty the threats are getting more elevated and more harassing. It makes me post even more evidence as they know now this is not something I had a choice of not showing people. Who would I be as a person finding structures and cities and leaving that a secret. Thanks for checking on me my friend and have a good one. My site was down for two days due to a major repair here which happens maybe once every 30 years but yes was down for two days no internet for me. Today am back up and will be posting more evidence . It will only become more and more revealing each time. Thanks for the support and it is a pleasure connecting friend.

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