I saw what looked like Arcturus with my own eyes in the sky so close. Once processed it was radiating green and I saw Aldebaran (IN FRONT) of the CLOUDS. YES IN FRONT!!!! Asteroids around the Moon. Crazy Events going on.

The Moon is NOT 400 000 km away.  Neither are the Constellations Millions of Light Years Away. We are stuck in a dome. NASA knows it. Now we wait.

Clavius Crater – Copernicus Crater – Eratosthenes Crater. Astro Photography by Bruce Swartz. (planetary Research for Truth)


There is a tunnel structure communicating to a winding pipe or tunnel that turns towards, Montes Apenninus Mountain Range and goes completely over it. It is important to clarify this for everyone. I am working on it. I posted it before but I want to really get in close. With the new telescope we will be seeing quite the difference I want you all to know.  We are well on our way to seeing things we never have before. Possibly even what No man or woman lol has seen before. LOOK at Clavius Crater how the supposed craters are aligned and one size smaller then the other. Analyze this crater it really does not look natural.

Sun Companions And The City On The Moon. I dare anyone to tell me this is not a city on the moon. That is crazy. Hey NASA I got this one and many more.

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Scientists are declaring that Betelgeuse has developed both Bright and dark sun spots and is cooling at a fast rate.

Betelgeuse/Distance to Earth

642.5 light years