Hi everyone how are you doing.

This website gets no traffic for some reason being idled even when I pay hundreds of dollars to keep it running. This website is a haven. My photography is all here and my vids will be uploaded here everyday and youtube vids also will be uploaded here but the formats all have to be changed as youtube is different. Lots to come everyone I am just doing it all alone. Thanks for your patience.. Astro photography will be posted this week. Lots of it. So I have this site for people to find my private unknown planets and all the good stuff.

HELLO EVERYONE WELCOME. My Astro photography will be uploaded here every week starting soon. Also my back up site if ever YouTube goes down again. Will be uploading lots of stuff thanks.


Are You All Excited For The New Telescope?

Hello and welcome everyone. For those just joining this website I am in the process of buying a 14 inch telescope for the community and I’ll be taking suggestions from viewers on where they want the next hunt to be located on the moon. Once We get the 14 inch telescope I will be doing my magic. With my 4 inch telescope which I really appreciated. It gave me the urge to want a bigger telescope and thanks to all of you we did it. YOU DID IT! I will hold my end of the bargain as I will film every chance I get. We are going to see crafts. FLEETS! I was able with my technique to get as close as a 13 inch telescope. Some say 14 at times with my photography. That means the 14 inch will blow us away I assure you. I can see it now. WOW.  This week end I will be posting many photos I took of objects disturbing our Moon and Sun. Guess what the focal length of the new telescope is going to be.  Drum Role Please….3910 mm (154 in) and hang on I will try and get a TELEVUE lens that magnifies atleast 2.5 times. We should be at around with my technique just under 10 000mm LMAO and the Optical Tube ways 50 pounds LMAO. YEEHAW!