Sun Companions And The City On The Moon. I dare anyone to tell me this is not a city on the moon. That is crazy. Hey NASA I got this one and many more.

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PREPARE TO BE AS AMAZED AS I WAS SEEING THIS….Unknown Celestial Object Close To Our Sun Surface Close Up Clear View And Plasma Ejections Caught On Film Live. Coronal Mass Ejections Seen Only Through Special Filtering…TRANSITING STAR OR PLANET OR WAS THIS AN ASTEROID FLY BY WOW??


Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are huge explosions of magnetic field and plasma from the Sun’s corona. When CMEs impact the Earth’s Magnetosphere, they are responsible for Geomagnetic Storms and enhancement of Aurora.

the Sun can produce intense geomagnetic and proton storms capable of causing severe damage to technology including but not limited to large scale power outages, disruption or blackouts of radio communications (including GPS), and temporary to permanent disabling of satellites and other spaceborne technology. Intense solar storms may also be hazardous to high-latitude, high-altitude aviation and to human spaceflight. Geomagnetic storms are the cause of auroras. The most significant known solar storm occurred in September 1859 and is known as the “Carrington event”. The damage from the most potent solar storms is capable of existentially threatening the stability of modern human civilization.

The bow shock forms the outermost layer of the magnetosphere; the boundary between the magnetosphere and the ambient medium. For stars, this is usually the boundary between the stellar wind and interstellar medium; for planets, the speed of the solar wind there decreases as it approaches the magnetopause.

The magnetopause is the area of the magnetosphere where the pressure from the planetary magnetic field is balanced, with the pressure from the solar wind.

 It is my belief that the chemtrails could be a secretive way of hiding AND blocking the entry of Solar Radiation  by creating clouds.

How do Clouds affect incoming and outgoing Solar Radiation?
Low, thick clouds primarily reflect solar radiation and cool the surface of the Earth. High, thin clouds primarily transmit incoming solar radiation; at the same time, they trap some of the outgoing infrared radiation emitted by the Earth and radiate it back downward, thereby warming the surface of the Earth.