Planet Venus I Filmed And It Was Flaring A Lot That Night And Only Twice In MY Life Have I Seen These Sort Of Waves On Venus. I Thought Atmospheric Disturbance Was The Cause But Again It Was A Rare Event For Me.

The Planets And Suns (stars) in our universe seem to be going through many anomalistic changes.

This is an amazing capture once again I want everyone to see this. A Wave Over Planet Venus This Is Real. Or Almost Looks Like The Firmament Is Covered In Water? ALSO A Mysterious Flashing Light I Caught Check It Out!

You’ve all heard of Crow777’s Lunar Wave on the Moon right? This what I caught was on Planet Venus. A Wave Back and fourth over the entire planet. An emitted wavelength of radiation becomes more and more visible as the planet is heating up. First Venus they say it’s surface can melt Lead which I know melts at 865 degrees farenheit. The hotter an emitted radiation gets we can begin to see it’s movement, shape or form. The wavelength’s that are emitted by a celestial object or planet depends on the planets temperature, as it changes with temperature. When the temperature of a planet gets very very hot it will emit a white glowing bright light, much like we see on the surface of the moon. I caught something fascinating that I had never seen before and shortly after heard about Crow’s Lunar Wave.