Geometrical Structures, Straight walls, Flat ridges and Corridors On The Lunar Surface. Photos By Bruce Swartz.

This is right inside of the white area’s that are always so bright and hard for telescope and camera’s to reach the surface. More then 300 000 detailed scanned photos of the moon were taken by Space Stations and nobody found any structures? That is where you have to wonder about who gets to say what is up there. Amateur Astronomers are gaining more and more viewers on a large scale.  Only a matter of time until this website gets noticed. As hard the attempts of idiots trying to hide this beautiful truth. You will never succeed. I am here to see that this is so. I remained without ads and the ones here you will see and many of you already know that I am being kept on idol. Out of the mainstreams and in darkness.  I know the world will wake up very soon and it will be a very beautiful thing. It does not have to be apocalyptic just because that is what was written.  Onwards I say and here is to another year of amazing discoveries. I just hope I won’t be alone to enjoy them. Thanks to those who stick around. Thanks for the support.

I Started To Notice Major shifts In The Moon’s Axis Each New Moon Phase.

Are We The Ones Shifting? Or Is It Only The Moon? We Would Have To Leave Earth To Know That Truth For Ourselves.

Leading Up To The Full Moon Just A Day Before We See The Moon Shift Entirely In It’s Axis As It Rotates Clockwise In The Sky.

The Full Moon Of August 2017.

Researchers claim that the lunar poles shifted at the rate of roughly an inch after every 126 years. By that calculation, the moon’s axis has experienced about 125 miles of shift in about a billion years. Well then what caused it to show up all of a sudden. Observing the changes and the appearance that the moon has as it is going through the moon’s phases, has left me to believe that when the Moon is at it’s fullest; in a matter of hours it shifts and through photography we can see this clearly. Grimaldi crater which is usually on the Moon’s Edge or Outer Light Line, shifts North East. Mare Crisium Almost Disappears and descends, giving us the impression that the Moon is turning clockwise and also rolling back as it’s bottom South side lifts towards us.  The North Side Disappearing but revealing us the West side more then usual. The West side of the Moon is becoming more apparent each and every Full Moon of each new phase.