I saw what looked like Arcturus with my own eyes in the sky so close. Once processed it was radiating green and I saw Aldebaran (IN FRONT) of the CLOUDS. YES IN FRONT!!!! Asteroids around the Moon. Crazy Events going on.

The Moon is NOT 400 000 km away.  Neither are the Constellations Millions of Light Years Away. We are stuck in a dome. NASA knows it. Now we wait.

Clavius Crater – Copernicus Crater – Eratosthenes Crater. Astro Photography by Bruce Swartz. (planetary Research for Truth)


There is a tunnel structure communicating to a winding pipe or tunnel that turns towards, Montes Apenninus Mountain Range and goes completely over it. It is important to clarify this for everyone. I am working on it. I posted it before but I want to really get in close. With the new telescope we will be seeing quite the difference I want you all to know.  We are well on our way to seeing things we never have before. Possibly even what No man or woman lol has seen before. LOOK at Clavius Crater how the supposed craters are aligned and one size smaller then the other. Analyze this crater it really does not look natural.

Lava flow from overflowing craters after asteroid impact on the Lunar Surface…Hmmm I see it differently. My theory on the Moon’s Surface Terrain. One photo is from an Unknown Planet.

We all know to build a massive structure, we will first need a solid foundation. I believe possibly that the rocks that were excavated from the Moon’s surface were then melted in massive fusioning caldrons. Possibly streams of lava flow were deliberately poured to create giant slides with walls that brought the lava over the surface of the moon. Possibly a way of laying out what was fusioned.  Rocks INSIDE the surface will be harder to burn. Rocks are composed of so many compressed minerals that each have a different boiling point therefore lol only certain minerals inside the rocks composition will burn and the rest will remain in physical form. A rock does not melt homogeneously. When a rock stats to melt, the minerals with the lower melting point melt first, and the minerals with higher melting point take a lot longer. Because of that, rock melting in nature is usually an incomplete, partial phenomena: only some minerals melt, while others remains solid.

Can the Magma formed after burning the rocks be used as a solid foundation for massive structures? Also taking into consideration the gravity in space and how it would interact on any built structure.  Just think out of the box. I could have written a book on this subject. I will later on for now lol we learn together. Enjoy these astonishing photos of the Moon’s surface. I am working hard on ways to filter through the haze on the moon’s surface to bring you a real view of the topography and geography of the Moon. 



So the surface can be riddled with the unburnt process minerals that possibly could have a reflective value to them. Causing us as specially with a haze to see brilliant colors reflecting back.