Scientists are declaring that Betelgeuse has developed both Bright and dark sun spots and is cooling at a fast rate.

Betelgeuse/Distance to Earth

642.5 light years

Deep Space photography In The Constellation Of Orion, stars And Unknown Objects …Constellation Of Hercules Deep Field View!

Unknown Celestial Object Blue Raisin Near The Moon? massive planet like object in Orion. A Blue Giant Star, Betelgeuse and Green Stars. Well…lol Green Stars science tells us they don’t exist and that it is an optical illusion. The human eye sees a star as green when a near by red giant is lurking close by. It can cause us to see a star green. That is why sometimes in the Constellations we see many green looking stars as the blue and red stars there give our eyes back a greenish color. 

Constellation Of Andromeda -photos taken by Bruce Swartz. YES…ANDROMEDA!

Tomorrow’s next video is about the Constellation Of Andromeda and a 3D image of a large part of the Constellation. Vega Star in the Constellation Of Lyra… Vega is also known as Alpha Lyrae (α Lyrae)

Just a Glimpse for now!

The Great Nebula Of Orion – Birthing Stars….3D Images. An asteroid or Unknown Celestial Object Very Close To The Sun… Photos taken by and Processed by Bruce Swartz.