PART 1 of (Exposing The System Of Unknown Objects Close To The Moon). Getting part 2 finished and answering comments right after. I said that twice already I know. Was busy all.

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Chemtrail Plane Characteristics And An Unknown Asteroid Flying By The Sun On October 12th 2017. Hoping it is Asteroid TC4 2012 but I haven’t heard anything about it yet. Nor have the talked about it’s passing in the news.


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Tonight’s Special Presentation: Red Planet Near The Sun? Unknown celestial object seen on August 19th 2017. I got it.


The Sun has many planets and even Satellites that continuously cross between Earth and the Sun’s path. The constellations always moving too. Recently I caught a couple of unknown objects near the sun and Crazy Penquin keeps informing me of what NASA finds at the same time. More then just once and too many simultaneous events happen at the same time I find objects. They appear in the news but always days later. Thanks Crazy Penquin for the CME reading from the Coronagraph that showed me a similar plane like cylindrical object passing in the same direction that I saw the plane go by at. This Red Planet or Asteroid in this video seems to be losing a lot of dust or it is the gases mixing with the sun’s gases. When planets and stars collide or come close an array of colors so spectacular most often always occurs in deep space. This happens when the gasses of the surrounding planets mix with the entering celestial sphere. The colors and reaction to the gasses mixing is quite the show it seems.  I made a timelapse of 20 minutes into 30 seconds to be able to see the path it took in about 20 minutes times. It has it’s own trajectory and is turning quickly.

What will happen if this planet gets closer to the sun during the eclipse. We would see the planet lol appear and the whole world would (will) see it. lol. I can’t wait. The array of colors are going to be something out of this world.  The more I look at the Sun. The More it looks like a round portal. Just a golden ring that is so bright that the light creates a field of Fusion Heat and Fire. Maybe the Sun is an entrance or exit to this world we are in. Maybe if we go through the sun we would wind up inside of a blackhole and somewhere in the Constellation of Andromeda or further.