PART 1 of (Exposing The System Of Unknown Objects Close To The Moon). Getting part 2 finished and answering comments right after. I said that twice already I know. Was busy all.

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Hi Everyone Thanks so much for stopping by. Comments tomorrow with my coffee and I hope more celestial surprises as the skies are ever so filled with mysteries for the camera’s to capture…if you can. The featured photo in this post is Chemtrails being sprayed Aggressively the minute the sun went down on October 12th 2017. The day of the 2012 TC4 fly by. SO? Where is it? Nobody talking?

Seeing a meteor is awesome. Three is even better. No proof but you can be sure I will share my experience with you all. It was 5:06 AM here in Montreal Canada and I was looking outside for asteroids before even putting on my pants.  lol The minute I opened the front door I was a witness of part of a Meteor shower. The first fireball entered the atmosphere with a clapping sound I saw and heard it right over my house. Two other followed but they were slow??? REALLY SLOW!  The first Orange bright fireball slowed down until it lost momentum and fell straight downwards like a piece of craft or something as I have never seen a meteor come into the atmosphere and drop.  Great photos too will be posting them all week end of the skies the two past weeks. Just amazing. The stars are close and ever so bright. The Moon will be at it’s Apogee meaning it’s closest range to Earth. Just in time for the 14 inch telescope everyone.

Chemtrail Plane Characteristics And An Unknown Asteroid Flying By The Sun On October 12th 2017. Hoping it is Asteroid TC4 2012 but I haven’t heard anything about it yet. Nor have the talked about it’s passing in the news.


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