This is my personal work. I post everything knowing you will share these by the share buttons please and not by taking them as yours. These are important to show the world that Celestial bodies are off course throughout our entire Galaxy and maybe even further. Who knows.

I work hard and this technique is superb and exact in it’s detail as I am obtaining footage and photography of objects unseen by the naked eye. It is my belief that possibly the planets and stars around us including our planet Earth is undergoing a major shift. What is causing this shift we can only speculate for now. Planets and stars off course and losing their gravitational hold inside of their systems or galaxies. Some approaching our moon and is most likely causing the planets and stars in our Solar System to shift. Southwards. The dangers of certain stars with toxic gas in the stars atmosphere could have a major affect on our health. Both for the temperature changes and a whole slew of other challenges we may not know of. Asteroids are seen everyday now and with the naked eye meteors almost every morning here can be seen and coming from every angle. Up and down. Left to right. Right to left.  We now see the catastrophic events that we are hit with and it’s only the beginning.They will get larger and more frequent. How long will the shift last. What are the dangers of the approaching celestial objects. This may be something that may never be regulated. Fear of Earth itself leaving the Solar System after losing it’s gravitational hold or worse going straight into the sun. We would all be well you know.

Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.

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  1. Looking forward to answer the comments tomorrow. I am alone to do all the material and it is a pleasure for me to do so. Thanks so much for your ongoing patience everyone. Love from Canada.

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  2. I know at times we want more videos and more photos but if I had more money I would do this for a living trust me. I eat space now loll. This is the biggest event ever to happen since the big bang I think. Bang number 2?

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    1. Hey Bruce… just wanted to tell you that you are doing some excellent investigatory work here and I appreciate it much. Enquiring minds want to know!! Anyway, you will see me YT replying in Olsens stuff occasionally just to bitch at him – the guy’s a skank (I’m “MegaWolverine999”) so don’t expect flowery comments there. My real name is Steve & I live in Windsor (Ontario) – I guess thats as formal as it gets here. I listened to your interview & decided to investigate your work a bit more and thats how I ended up here. If I see more of your stuff coming out I will come here to comment on it in future because I can only stomach so much of that Olson guy…. I have my reasons. Anyway, phenominal work brutha – way to think outside the box !!

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      1. Thanks Steve for stopping by brother. I appreciate that. Hello Windsor I ain’t far mate. Thanks for checking out my work.

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    2. Excellent interview with WSO Bruce, It’s gonna start getting really busy now for ya, be good to get the Tuesday interview set up every week, Your channel is going to go viral can see it happening…. found some news on the second moon they are talking about on the universe today website… It’s happened again Bruce, You find an object, than they talk about it on their website… maybe it’s the same object.?? o ya “BLUE KATCHINA” lols

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      1. YA AGAIN hehe. I am very happy it proves that I am doing something right. Thanks bro for all. Interview tomorrow with WSO! I will get the vid up or watch it there. loll

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  3. That’s a wide array of photos that were professionally taken I would say.

    You are doing a brilliant job but the news from deep space is not promising. It’s a bit scary for me but I am willing to learn. Thank you Bruce.

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