Last Hurdle before the Telescope?

I have to now ask a certain donor that donated a good amount to the fundraiser if he will write a letter declaring that he has given me the amount. Unbelievable. I set my settings to pay out and asked for the funds. They said it was unusual to get several donations from the same person.  Tomorrow the amazing video of the red planets I caught and update on the telescope fund. I still have to wait now for them to tell me how they want the bitchin letter. I told them that bothering donors was not the best thing to encourage donations. Dumbasses. I will be calling them tomorrow asap. Updates tomorrow everyone. Last Bitchin Hurdle.

Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.

32 thoughts on “Last Hurdle before the Telescope?”

  1. OMG! A simpleton like me cannot tell you what to do but I think you should find another entity, or method for fund raising. It seems as if I am reading right through the minds of these people that are running this fund. Time for me to be quiet…..

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    1. Thanks man your thinking the same as me. Looking elsewhere now too. SO would you mind writing that fricken letter? lollll Hey I am going to call them today to see what the hell is there problem. I wrote them last night and told them that harassing the donors wasn’t helping me very fricken much. Just Wait Regis I will call them on way back from work. Invasion I call this. I am going to the Bank Tuesday and going to set up something I hope. They wonder why people do money transactions illegally. I think THIS is the reason. Too hard to do things honestly? I am at a loss of words. Nor do I expect you to write anything either. I might tell them I’ll just call a lawyer.

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      1. Most definitely I will write this letter as soon as possible, within the next two hours.

        As you, and the FORCE already know…..Be assured that all my donations were from my pay checks that I honestly worked for. I voluntarily gave the donations, and was not under duress.

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  2. Funny they sure didn’t mind taking my donation from my credit card without a confirmation…and I only donated a few $$….What’s the difference between a few buck and a thousand bucks for them!?!? You poor guy! Having to deal with this is no fun now

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      1. The confirmation was done two weeks ago all the money is legitimate. 10070.00 cleared. NOW they say they do this to protect the donors.

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    1. two videos uploading. Was so mad two audio errors just let it play guys they are amazing videos. I posted it a few hours ago on YouTube and I am approaching 500 views.

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  3. They want the money to come in but don’t want to pay it out??? Is there another program we can use in the future? Maybe all of us donors should file a class-action lawsuit against them!

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    1. Bruce I for one would appreciate you telling me what they’ve replied once you speak to them. Personally I will be calling them and what Penni Jones said, is exactly what I will suggest to them if they don’t come through with the FORCES funds. GRRRRR>>>> always having to fight sucks….Why aren’t they asking me for a letter too…!?!? I know it’s not a substantial amount but still I want what I donated to be for the big mama

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      1. Thanks so much Darlene. They will here my wrath in two hours. Not happy. But now everyone will think the funds do not work. It works everything is fine. Trust me when I call them all will be fine.

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      2. Boy, I’m impressed and happy with my! They answered my message early this morning saying they were quite legitimate and been in operation for 15 years now. They went on to explain that they have a policy of checking out big and small credit card donations on a regular basis because many fraudulent donation come from stolen cards…they also told me that if I wasn’t comfortable with them that they would re-imburse me my donations in full. I thanked them and replied that: no I was not asking for a re-imbursement at the present time, but that I would let them know if I did want one after seeing how BruceSeesAll fund raising event turned out….so all is good folks I feel quite comfortable with them.

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    2. They will payout or I will go and get it there. I should have waited for the video. I didn’t say we were not getting paid it’s just the method they use as protection to the card holders.

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