The Surface Of Betelgeuse Star In The Constellation Of Orion. Work by Bruce Swartz.

Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.

24 thoughts on “The Surface Of Betelgeuse Star In The Constellation Of Orion. Work by Bruce Swartz.”

    1. Thanks so much Regis. Slowly I’ll get the finest devices and cutting edge imagery is what I want to focus on as my next computer monitor will be a large wall screen hanging on my wall. I want to get the clearest view. A telelens to get even closer with the 14 once we get bored lollll. I doubt boredom will ever surface. I mean think of it a 14 inch is way up over the channel telescope sizes and we just fell into an Observatory14 inch Scope. LOLLL Gonna be sweet. I stare at the garage every single day and I will soon take off the roof. Old School style. With a hammer. lollllll


      1. Ya Darlene was lucky I think three almost four days she was having the trouble then she received a patch or something or Apple finally took a bite into solving the problem. lol

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      2. Crazy Penguin All I did was uninstall FlashPlayer then reinstall ….when that didn’t work I uninstalled turn off for a day and poof…have not reinstalled it since and probably won’t until I notice something gone wrong with something….websites will serve modern HTML5 I read….what does it mean I don’t know…but they mentioned this

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      3. Something is up and now we re seeing more and more an independent way of each of the big companies they seem to want to work with apps and programs of their own.

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      4. Hi Darlene, Yes the HTML5 is another video element and the new standard way to watch videos on the web… has there are problems with Adobe Flash and with video and audio coding formats….. so this might be part of the problem, thanks for the heads up Darlene, πŸ™‚

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      5. Thanks Darlene and haha NOW Darlene knows all about flash loll. We learn from all of these changes but hard to follow at times. Let me know again today man if the vids do not work. I am looking right now into flash player and formats and countries. A load of bullcrap if you ask me. Hang in there.

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    1. It’s always good to give me a heads up as when it happens to everyone it would be my problem my settings I huess and hey let me know man. I looked at your settings here I left everything open for you. Do you have an Apple? Just curious. Not the fruit but the computer loll. Hey bro let me know if this persists as I will call wordpress right away. Just incase it’s me loll

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  1. Cheers Bruce lols No on the Apple bro. if the settings haven’t changed at your end, it must be at my end, just tried it again and same result goes to play then dies lols…. it’s them Gremlins again!! Been on YT and all good there, I’ll try something out and try again…. Nuts why this is happening if no one is changing their settings? no worries bro, one way or another it’ll sort it’s self out no doubt…. check email bro on Alien Photos πŸ™‚

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    1. Checking email brother and Ya this should not persist for more then a couple days let me know. I will email the host again with this problem. Thanks man.

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      1. LOLS Having fun!! I’am 99% sure it’s a slow connection brother,Has i’am having problems in getting on any websites sometimes,grrrrr YT takes forever… So got in touch with my provider, and getting the problem resolved, so hopefully soon, I’ll be back on track … πŸ™‚ “Hanging On” brother.. πŸ™‚


      1. Hey Darlene Thanks will try it. see what happens. Think most of the problem is a very slow internet connection, if it gets any slower it’ll stop. lols…. also been a couple of mad days to say the least, but ya getting the connection sorted out with provider…..

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