$9070.00 RAISED!!!!!! THANKS TO THE FORCE WE MADE IT!!!! Regis Leisa and Sheenagh… Thank You And YOU ARE The Final Link. lol I LOVE YOU GUYS! HERE IS TO THE FORCE! Only The Beginning…

I am sitting down looking at the screen at the three donations that came in yesterday and today. I am not even in shock yet as I don’t know what my body is waitng OHHHH THERE OK IN SHOCK. lolllll Regis Sheenagh and Leisa and The Force. I have to thank you all but will make a video. Actually many videos because your all coming to the store with me oh yes!!!!! I am even going to run the car cam so you all can see a grown man crying while he drives through the country. LMAO hahaha Weeping with a smile to my ears looking like JOHNNY in The Shining because that is how I am entering the store to get the telescope. LOL  I had to write something right away everyone. I am very emotional right now. I am proud of everything we have achieved together and will achieve together.  I don’t think I could tell the difference between the moon and Venus right now as my mind is on overdrive. I wanted so much to create an amazing channel where both adults and even children could come and see and learn and want to be a scientist loll. The real rewards in this field of research is the find itself. That’s the trophy. I hope to know you all for a long time to come as I am not ready to leave. As sad as it is that many channels shun me and do not want to interact with me as they may have thought I was here to steal the show. When in reality I am here to share my knowledge with you all. Exposing my whole two brain cells that work on overtime all the time. LMAO.  Regis and all the contributors. I love you guys. Thanks for believing in me and this is only the beginning to an amazing channel. NOW let’s see the attention we get.

SO with that said tomorrow I rush and call directly the fundraiser headquarters. By tomorrow I should be able to tell you how long it will take for the money to reach me here. Montreal is just 50 minutes away from here and it should not take more then maybe two weeks at the most, Hoping not three. As for the telescope I already contacted the retailer for Celestron Telescopes and found something in the 8000.00  plus region so we have the 14 inch confirmed. Updates will be posted always as soon as I know anything. The telescope retailer told me it was a quick enough delivery to Canada from California. ?? lol I was like well …OK then lol. The retailer does NOT allow me to camp in front as I could have live streamed that but anyhow WE HAVE LEFT THE PORT REGIS!!!!!

Hey Regis. Your in for one hell of a ride buddy. I sincerely thank you. As humble as a good man is. He deserves to be thanked. The Force is the Source of this website. I thank you all and be watching. Things are about to get awesomer. lol You DO realize Regis we are going to make it before the snow to really try this MAMMA. Can’t wait til tomorrow the week end. After my grass is cut, lol I will be on posting updates and when the money will be in my hand and as of THAT moment everyone we will be maximum three weeks from being on the moon with the 14 inch big mamma  scope LIVE!

Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.

10 thoughts on “$9070.00 RAISED!!!!!! THANKS TO THE FORCE WE MADE IT!!!! Regis Leisa and Sheenagh… Thank You And YOU ARE The Final Link. lol I LOVE YOU GUYS! HERE IS TO THE FORCE! Only The Beginning…”

    1. Always. But now Cool Calm Collected and ANXIOUS! LOL I’ll tell ya a secret. I work very well when I am under great pressure and when the stress levels get high or when to much needs to be done. I take control. I love that you know many wise sayings as I retained many in my lifetime of those sayings. Regis. Do you feel the energy? You must be these days because I am only beginning to realize what we are going to see on that moon in a few weeks. LOLLL Fundraiser I called them directly and all is well.

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  1. WOW We did it 🙂 Thank you everyone for your generosity to make the FORCE’s Dream to come true, This is a amazing and can’t believe we have achieved this in such a short time… Just WOW!!! THE BIG MAMMA Mission accomplishment… Well done EVERYONE!! 🙂

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