Pipes And Tunnels In Mare Serenatatis And Mare Crisium.




Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.

10 thoughts on “Pipes And Tunnels In Mare Serenatatis And Mare Crisium.”

  1. Will be checking comments tomorrow morning on the way back from work for first break. You can now share this video on many social media platforms including EMAILING it to any email address. Share My Video Directly To Your Skype…!

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    1. Thanks for the different choices to share. Talking about Apollo 17 why didn’t they bring back some of the ejecta ? Ya on bringing back samples from the moon, Between 1969 and 1972 six Apollo missions brought back 382 kilograms (842 pounds) of lunar rocks, core samples, pebbles, sand and dust from the lunar surface. no mention of ejecta 🙂 also just been checking on dates etc (gotta get it right bro ) came across this information.. NASA have lost 517 samples of rock/dust just friggin unbelievable…… ..Bruce do you remember the one rock they brought back called the “Genius Rock” this is going to boggle everyone’s brains… NASA’s laboratory did tests on this “Genius Rock” the results were that it was dated around 5 billion years old.. and the dust that was imbedded on it was dated an additional 1 billion years older!!! WHAT!!!! like i mentioned had to do some checking, how old is Earth? 4.5 billion yrs old and the oldest rocks on Earth are 3.8 billion yrs old… Are solar system is 5 billion yrs old. And the Universe is estimated between 13.772-13.82 billion yrs old give or take 59 million yrs…. Where did this “Genius Rock” and dust come from???? …… Also what about the Clementine Lunar orbiter mission that they sent to the moon in 1994 that took over 2 million photos of the moons surface, this craft had some of the most hi tec instruments at that time, A UV/Visible Camera, a Near Infrared Camera, a Long Wavelength Infrared Camera, a High Resolution Camera, two Star Tracker Cameras, a Laser Altimeter, and a Charged Particle Telescope. plus a bunch of other stuff…. it was a mission organized by NASA and the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) and all the photos they have let the public see are SHIT!!! Makes ya wonder what they hiding, and WHY haven’t they gone back to the moon since the last Apollo 17 mission? they had astronauts and rockets Apollo 18/19/20 ready too go but they scrubbed the missions WHY ? after 20 billion plus of dollars had been pumped into the space program…. all they have done since is fly in low Earth Orbit…. Ya they say that there is going to be another mission to go back to the moon this year or in 2018 ready for putting a base there,,, Well we’ll see if it happens lmao… 🙂

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      1. HAHA YA DUH right the Ejecta loll. Why not bring some back. Uhhh We Forgot. loll YUP I knew also about the rocks they brought back and the astronauts suits were ful of dust. I might be going up to Florida in a few months to interview a 91 year old man who loves to talk about the oxygen packs he designed and worked on for the Apollo astronauts. BOY that would be an amazing interview. He said the astronauts suits were PACKED with dust. ???? Hmmm? Cracks in the suit? I think not.. NO BRO I do NOT know about Genius Rock but I LOVE the name I can only imagine ehhehe. Ahh makes sense as I also read that and you know to that the Moon has a grey surface that would have to have been brought there AND this I saw and heard for myself a NASA scientist declare this. Two different dates for the surface and the interior. loll I would have loved ya bro to be there with all those fancy gages and equipment. They had all the tools to know exactly what radiation, what elements, what temperature and what was there that our eyes are not seeing. They spotted activity too and no doubt labeled all the many crafts they saw lol. 20 billion dollars imagine. Yup. Hey I am predicting that the first sign of some major worldwide trouble or hidden event we will see the stock markets come crashing down so quick. I fear the raging BULL. lol

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      2. That’s going to be amazing interview, you should get plenty of views with this one bro…. Hey Bruce two of the five photos that were sneaked out from NASA,that were taken by the Clementine mission…. which were crystal clear and highly detailed photos… these were shown in the video “LUNA” that’s as just been taken down. 😦 Did take note of the crater names though lols….. both showing structures they were “Kings Crater” & “Stella Crater” unfortunately for us they are located on the far side of the Moon 😦 … The Clementine mission took two groups of photos, one set of a million photos and then some time after took another million photos, when they compared the two sets of images and they noticed that there was movement in some areas,which indicated that there was certain activities going on the moons surface… like mining!! even a photo of which looks like a machine of some sort…. Yes also heard of the suits being full of dust, suppose they got a really good reason for this. lols….. Like “It got in when they were getting out of their suits and some dust fell inside” 🙂


      3. Yes an amaing interview it will be and haha ya of that is the dust that they broguth back and Neil fell into the dust container but was drinking a glass of water and the dust stuck to his suit. NOTHING ELSE MOVE ON PEOPLE . lollllllllllll

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    1. Totally agree Darlene, Ton of other stuff i could of mentioned, which certainly brings up many questions, the deeper you dig the more you uncover for sure… Just amazes me that they still try and cover up what we can clearly see from Bruce’s footage that someone is definitely on the moon, who it is ? only the people working with these space agencies know that!! And Dam right they know… How long will it be before they can’t cover it up anymore, too many people want to know the truth now,and this is increasing every day… 🙂

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