On this eleventh hour, the strike of Midnight, just moments away.

In our endeavor we are seeking for truth each and every day. 

Until the final hour, we sit waiting patiently and we pray.

Regis no words can live up to what you’ve done for this website. Each and every one of you that come here. Regis… You’ve been making this dream possible and you have given this website 15 donations and have contributed in all the video comments and interacting with everyone in my community.  A community that other community members thank each other for being there. How amazing is this? Words cannot explain the feelings inside that I have right now that run deep and in all my emotions. I sit and understand the reality of what is about to happen to us all. Once we find what is up there and discover all the secrets on our moon and once and for all. Expose it to the World as something beautiful and grand. Massive deception yes I know but we need not wait for the higher figures to tell us what is up there. We can find and seek truth together with our own instruments and study physics and astronomy ourselves in great detail. I can’t thank you enough Regis. I didn’t sleep much hahaha. I am so happy to have you Regis as a friend first of all and a major part of this website and now soon a major part of the new website events to come for a long time. Regis please know that I do expect you to ask me anything of my material meaning any photo you like. I can send you them and my collection of videos. I have to give back to you Regis. When someone helps you in life you offer to help back. Love from Canada man. Sitting here getting ready for a mega video just for my FORCE members and All who come here.

R E G I S  V I E C H W E G

$779.00 DONATION

Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.


  1. On this Eleventh hour I will be answering comments soon. Thanks everyone for adding to this community by leaving a response and or some feedback. Filming the sun and viewing the footage took a big part of this mornings time and nothing at all the sun was very quiet. THAT is why this is like hunting. It can be compared to lottery scratch tickets too. Takes a lot of tickets but ALWAYS a big winner at one point. Patience is everything in this field. Working hard everyone. If you don’t hear from me that is a good sign. A sign I found something. loll Regis man will be on to thank you the proper way in a bit and more vids coming today. Thanks Regis. Now I can continue to update maintain e.t.c. Save up for telelens that is a MUST. Gonna be so exciting Regis the new view with the new scope is gonna LOL blow us away.

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    1. Bruce, you are very welcome.

      However, don’t waste time telling me thank you. That’s too many expressive thank you (s) by far. I don’t want subscribers who are not able to give to get the wrong impression. You should be taking time to make videos instead for the community which we always eagerly await😁

      Maybe I should of made the donations anonymously, but I wanted to motivate others to support a worthy cause. I am a very humble person who does not like much publicity but I do understand your point of view😊

      I will always support you in kind, or coin as long as Mother Nature is willing.

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      1. Well now you know how I feel as I have worked my ass off alone no help for buying my things and here you are very helpful. SO I so respect that your humble and I know exactly what to write now but DON:T FORGET I AM THANKFUL. loll I understand Regis and well as for the amounts even 2 dollars is money and I would write the name alongside yours. BUT a big amount understand I will respect your wishes Brotha hehe but it is hard. Leave me an email where I can leave you gratitudegrams at. LOLLL LOVE from Canada man and I won’t add the bling anymore but it is normal some can give more and some cannot as I cannot myself. Hey bro it’s all good NO NEED to hide yourself I’ll be good. I Promise. hehe Have a good one. Going to the store Regis my camera is on the fritz GRRRR. Need to update it. Looking at scopes too oh yes bro. Answering all the comments on the way back and hey I really hope I didn’t hurt you by valorizing your contributions but bro. You mean a lot to this community. Talk soon buddy. Thanks . Respect to ya man.

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      2. I fixed the post too Regis sorry bro again. Your so damn lucky I didn’t put in my personal message as I sat on the chair weeping and I lOLLLL hahah. All those balloon figures I made but NO I can’t post them. The glittering stars . LMAO. Have an amazing day bro. JUST KIDDING YA lol

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  2. Regis Viechweg, thank you so much for your support to the community for the BIG MOMMA TELESCOPE!!!! Your support is a great vote of confidence in our mission to benefit us all….this is where I come now as TV time for me is BruceSeesAll! God bless you and Bruce for all that is done here…🙏

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  3. Bruce I got nothing but great admiration for you, and your research work. You are like a spiritual man that has given up the life of this world to serve humanity.

    I trust that you are not offended with my previous opinions about donations. I got nothing but love for you. Never lose sight of the fact that I will always be a loyal follower of yours😀

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    1. HELLO MY GOD NO I am not offended au contraire my dear Watson. loll Brother I am as humble as you for one thing and it’s getting compliments but I am beginning to like the support loll. Not offended one but bro and as a few contributors love seeing their totals I totally respect that I would have done the same Regis if I had the capabilities. I am so happy Regis this week. Well have been all year but now that the Eleventh Hour has passed, I realize all what we will see and find out there man. I am so excited and I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control but Regis…I think I LIKE it. lolll


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