The Moon Is Filled With Structures And Secrets. Just in time before work phew just made it. Today I took down another stolen video on Youtube. woohoo.


Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.

14 thoughts on “The Moon Is Filled With Structures And Secrets. Just in time before work phew just made it. Today I took down another stolen video on Youtube. woohoo.”

  1. That’s down right disgusting how low down a human being will go to steal an individual’s research work, and take credit for it.

    Based on available information provided by NASA to show that their astronauts landed on the Moon I am a bit doubtful after hearing the opinions of various sceptics.

    Bruce,in your opinion did NASA landed astronauts on the moon? If possible I will like to know your opinion.

    As always I enjoyed this video.

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    1. Yes stealing photos gets me so upset. I work hard and well I just HAVE to post them. I hate hiding truth. loll. Making money from it for me would be a crime in itself. Thanks for asking me about this Regis the astronauts. I believe they did not land possibly and that it was faked entirely. I believe they DID land though but not shown publicly. Then they would have rushed on an area here on Earth so long me to fake a moon landing and with ease and no troubles from overhead cameras and or planes. I believe it was on the grounds of Area 51. BUT lol I heard Buzz Aldrin say HEY LOOK NEIL PURPLE ROCKS. I TOLD YOU! That makes me sort of wonder why they would mention that they knew of a purple rock on the moons surface when in those days as specially color televisions did not exist????? How could Buzz have known the moons surface had purple rocks???? I linger so much on this loll. I think Neil and Buzz could have floated around close to the surface but not landing there. I think they would have blown up so much dust ad either would have flipped or sunk into the surface. The astronauts were soaked when they came back>>>? lol BUT lol RUSSIA. 1947. Could they have possibly gone to the moon and did not tell the americans lol then they went up and found Russian bases . Oh that would have been funny. The Russians could have been possibly looking at German Bases? Every country building a base without telling the other lol. I think they did not land on the Moon and televise it. I think Apollo 17 landed to goto the base which is know as Mons Arghaeus. They were right on it. I saw a structure on the moon near where they landed and I said whoa wait a minute. Why is NASA hiding this from us?

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  2. Your getting some crystal clear footage Bruce amazing views and ya the Apollo missions 🙂 so much controversy over whether or not they did actually put a man on the moons surface… and like you mentioned in the video if they did land they must of seen the structures there, I fully understand that they might of been told not to mention anything of these structures at all while on live broadcast. ya i get that part, But photos from the moon orbiter and the Apollo craft have shown us that there are structures/ symmetrical shapes on the surface, and some of these photos have been blurred out to conceal possible structures etc, They (NASA) say no structures were found at all blaa blaa blaa so of course photos showing anything like buildings etc would of been censored, but has we know they didn’t do a good job with some of them…. And even today they (NASA) would say there’s nothing there no structures/aliens etc, but we can clearly see that there is lots of stuff on the surface, so much BS is coming out from NASA not just concerning the moon but everything, and it just blows ya mind… ya they let on to some stuff but only if it’s what they want you to know about and 9 times out of 10 it’s friggin light years away and unless you have a telescope like Hubble you haven’t got a chance of seeing anything…… I get daily reports of stuff being found and most of the pictures are of an artists impression what they say it(or what ever it may be) looks like 🙂 They say most the photos which were taken on the moon were lost or destroyed ( they gotta be kidding) the most historic journey to another planet/moon (the size of our moon to the size of the Earth is another subject) and they lost the photos and some of the footage.. lmao Then there is the interview with one of NASA’s guys who states that they don’t know how to get a man too the moon let alone put a man on the moon… all of this info is on the web.. I could go on and on about the radiation effects etc….. But never the less there is someone on the moon that’s 100% who it is we may never know… only time will tell… BRUCE!! so glad you got the theft of your work sorted out, i know how painful this sort of thing is, but at least it’s all being put right now…. sorry for the long post everyone… 🙂


    1. Hey Bro Thanks so much I never tell anyone this either as you just wrote about the NASA photos. I saw some structures and are the exact same as I post. I have a trouble with the area they are fluing over at one point because I do not recognize that surface as being on the moons surface. I think many areaS WERE PHOTOSHOPPED BUT SOME JOBS WERE SLOPPIER THEN THE OTHERS. LOL Ya imagine that losing the damn photos hahaha that is such a load of croc man lol. Also they lost the transcripts and audio they said for a part of the landing LOLL. How obvious can it be lol. No worries about the long post like I said the other comment ago lol this is a field of research that is top notch important right now throughout the entire world. Hard for me to make 10 minute videos. I could make an hour a day and an hour at night. LOL. My dream Crazy Penquin is to apply my music and artistry to a space channel for adults and for children too. to attract them to the scientific world and maybe just maybe more scientists will want to explore. lol I want 25000.00 a year and I could stay home and film all day and all night the sky and catch everything that passes in my line of view…so like loll that means from Andromeda To Here lolllllll Ya man like you said about the signs and all the mistakes they say because that scientist you talked about that says we will one day make it to the moon I was like WTF? lolll

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  3. Crazy Penquin, I am always happy to learn from your commentaries. Your explanations are never too long since I am aware of the various issues involved just like you. Thanks.

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    1. Thanks Regis LOLS Ya so much to try and cover with events, lost count of the hours i do when researching many subjects…. There are some subjects that iv’e had to put on the back burner, due to time!!! not enough hours in the day sometimes 🙂 I know time flies! But it’s crazy how quick!! …. 🙂

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      1. ahhhh I like hearing this one because I can so relate to the short hours in a day. So damn true. Spirits and orbs for me on the back burner and miss it dearly. They still come to see me though. long story. Another one that I have been doing for what seems to be an eternity is secret societies and the New World Order. Back Burner too only so many hours and that is what is funny because the secrets remain hidden just because we have to sleep at night. Like Einstein said sleeping is a waste of time. lol


      1. Hear ya on missing some of stuff which as been put to one side for a while, but it’s never too far away from the stuff being researched at the moment and like some of it seems to be connected which is amazing… Ya research into the paranormal ( same here long story ) ufology and archaeologically, historical events and a bunch of other stuff.. 🙂 Yes mentioned a while ago about you doing your own music for the videos etc….. Sounds a fantastic idea doing a space channel for adults and children too. to attract them to the scientific world… that’s definitely something to work on for sure….. 🙂

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