Hello and Welcome Everyone!

I saw a UFO on the Moon again lastnight over Mare Serenatatis. Got some great footage. The moon is not full but the surface was very clear as the sky here in KANATA lol was very clear. Cloudless. The Video I am working on it right now. A lot of new things. New structures found. Video up in a bit. Talk later everyone. I thank you so very much for taking the time to view this website. Soon to be transformed into an online television channel for truth seekers alike.

Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.

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