Andromeda And Lyra Constellations Nebulae Stars and Planets part 1.


The second part will be up on way back work. Love y’all!

Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.

16 thoughts on “Andromeda And Lyra Constellations Nebulae Stars and Planets part 1.”

  1. Bruce your just amazing with your timing, I had just been reading my emails and one was from the Universe Today website, Concerning Venus 🙂 and funny that’s the first planet you mentioned on in this video… Well nasa are planning to send a “SteamPunk” rover to Venus using a clockwork mechanism instead of electronics, because of Venus’s hostile conditions this rover is named “AREE”…… Another amazing video Bruce, Ya on the Vega star you could call the umbilical cord a Stella Tornado/Twister 🙂 but what ever you call it, it’s still amazing capture bro..and the colors are just incredible…. looking forward to part two… 🙂

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      1. Hi Regis , Thank you very much 🙂 i’am still learning on this subject myself brother, like on other subjects i research.. Iv’e always been very interested in many subjects since i left school, (a long time ago ) so still learning!!!! Respect always Paul..

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      2. Hey brothers yes always learning. Same here man no age for that indeed. I say Raw Footage Is Knowledge. Even when we find something we do not understand we learn all the same. I can’t wait for that asteroid the 12th October and hey man been looking lastnight between down pours lol for Florence. No sign of her but the sky is too cloudy. I hope the one coming 27000 km close to Earth I will get.

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      3. Thanks Regis and oh sorry I am barging in on this comment to say YES Crazy Penquin watches also the NEWS for space. Then watches channels to see what others are getting and saying and most VERY often Crazy P lol comes to my rescue with the best info about recent asteroid news about recent activity. That is a great contribution in itself and it is what makes us all a real TEAM. All of us being at the same level meaning. A Team Has No Boss. They Are A Team.

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    1. THANKS MAN and hehe timing is scary at times is it not? AREE I am on it looked it up but no doubt you sent me it already hahha. Timing is everything bro yes so happy. SO these projects are having to do with the solar system planets. Including the moon and the sun. Hmmm? Asteroid on the way hmmm? All this is adding up and making a lot of sense all of a sudden. Thanks for the info ONWARDS brother.

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    1. Thanks so much and YES a new area for me too. Only Just looking up what I caught. See Regis I work backwards meaning. I started all of this not to try to see if this was all real and going on but more to try and find out what I am capturing on camera. I started by the proof and working now on studying the many fields needed to understand it all. The most important field of research is common sense. I am asking Regis questions as I work with children in transportation. I ask them about the moon and sometimes the young ones say things that run child down my back. The kids are using common sense that’s it. Sometimes they say stuff and they are right on the mo0ney about what they say without realizing a thing. We use all the bullshit that science has brought us. lollll Hey Regis I hear ya on that about Andromeda being a new field. Same here. Only realizing that science isn’t that evolved after all. loll

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      1. 🙂 Thanks brother and just being part of the team is reward enough… the more eyes the better for observing what’s going on i say!!! Ya Florence 🙂 Found out that they named it, and it was named after “Florence Nightingale” lmao… Heard that it passed us without hitting anything.. 🙂 This news came over the radio, they mentioned “that it might be hard to see due to cloud cover” 😦 …… I have been looking for video/pictures of it, and still looking!! … ya should be quite a show on the 12th October,I don’t think cloud cover will a problem with this rock 🙂 …. Raining here too, but very warm … 🙂

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      2. Florence Nightingale LMAO The woman who did nursing?? lollllllll So it passed by Florence. Ya funny no pics or vids up about it. Hurricanes are really hiding everything now boy three of them. The fourth tonight. I predict 5 to 6 storms and a bunch of other treats. I mean we have to face the danger seeing we are stuck here On Earth. Gazing at the Elites with our telescopes. and haha NO we will NOT need any telescopes either to see this rock. I mean the way they are saying it will be close to me we might have to duck down not to get our heads taken off. lol

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  2. LOLS ya get ready too duck in October, meant to mention the October event the other post, the last i heard they didn’t know how close it was going to be it was only a estimated guess lmao… But they know it’s coming in close no doubt about that 🙂 ya keeping an eye on all the storms… it’s just crazy weather. guess we’ll get the tail end of it, seems to be the case already been raining ever since…. watch out for earth quakes also beings there has just been a massive CME explosion and it’s heading towards Earth…….. so much going on with our planet at the moment. not counting all the other stuff going on in are system…… crazy crazy times….

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    1. Same here man been really watching all three of those storms. Low Pressure storms are the most dangerous they say and this mamma is picking up the ocean and spitting it back out elsewhere. How fricken weird is that LMAO Estimated guess of the fly by do they think they should be GUESSING dumb asses loll. It might knock out a communications tower then they might realize how close it came . lol

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      1. Ya i know makes you laugh, how many millions do they receive from the tax payers,??? and all they can do is guess lmao… but they can tell you what’s going on 40 plus light years away… 🙂 Iv’e got some updates on the Trappist 1 system and yet another system as just been found with Earth like planets etc…. get it too you in email bro… still friggin raining over here 😦

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      2. thanks man Raining? lol CRAAP here it is 40 degrees. Since Irma has gone by we are plunged into summer weather….with red leaves….loll Email Check ok going now bro thanks man.

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