3D Imaging Of The Moon’s Surface Terrain And An Unknown Planet…(part 2)



Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.

14 thoughts on “3D Imaging Of The Moon’s Surface Terrain And An Unknown Planet…(part 2)”

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  3. Sorry for the late response to this video..Only just had chance to watch video Bro tried a few times but video really slow loading. ( think i know what the problem is and will sort it out ) This is amazing what your are doing with the 3D imaging technique, the unknown planet or object looks like it’s alive… and thanks for the mention on me sending the video to you knew that you would be interested in seeing it 🙂 ya just a reminder of what they (nasa) did on the moon,and why…. They (nasa) have some involvement in at least one or possibly two of the complex’s you have discovered for the use in mining of the water in my opinion, and is possibly the reason for the big push to get to Mars… Bruce did you find out any information on links taking up storage and costs ? …… once again sorry for the late comment…. 🙂


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