Deep Space Astro Photography


Looking forward to answering everyone’s comments tomorrow morning. Thanks for stopping by.

The Moon IO is the most volcanically active Moon in the whole entire Solar System. It is spewing out Sulpher, 300 km High in the air. It is the closest Moon to Jupiter. Jupiter has many moons. Ganymede is one of them.

Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.

16 thoughts on “Deep Space Astro Photography”

    1. Nice to see some appreciation brother thanks man. I stop when my eyes burn. Then I continue loll. I have chronic dry eye syndrome so at times it gets ugly. Worth every minute.

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