Exposing The Truth Let’s Start With Plato Lunar Crater….It’s A New Age Of Realization.


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The emotions run deep in my veins as I research Space and our UN-Natural Satellite, the Moon. The experiences I am going through are etched in my soul. There is a beauty in it all. This secret does not have to be something negative. We should rejoice to the fact that life is everywhere. If not how else could we ourselves evolve and remain a part of this Universe. Never again will my mind come back to this plain or this Earth. Only my physical body remains as my mind and soul have begun their long journey into the unknown. Which seems so familiar to me at times. Not knowing why I am was brought to this material World we live in. Possibly to learn. To appreciate life and to understand consequences and bare the loss of the ones we love. To regret our mistakes. To feel alone, wanted, happy and sad. In this video my friends I got an amazing shot of the Sun and it’s Photosphere. the Universe is so colorful. The Sun could be wrapped up in a sphere of water molecules letting us see the sun ever so close as the force field of water and heat around the sun could possibly act like a lens?  Yup was thinking of that before I stuck my feet on the ground. lol Getting another video up right away HALF WAY TO THE BIG TELESCOPE EVERYONE!!!

Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.

45 thoughts on “Exposing The Truth Let’s Start With Plato Lunar Crater….It’s A New Age Of Realization.”

  1. Bruce, from your writings I can see that your thoughts are really deep. Maybe you have been around for aeons in the universe. That’s why I am counting on you to decipher the mysteries of space 🙂

    “Big Momma Telescope” is on her way, hang in there…With the way the funds are coming in, I am confident we can have this telescope sometime in October, 2017.
    Morning, noon, and night I run those figures in my head on how much more we need in €, ¥, $, etc.,
    Rest assured it’s coming…

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    1. Hi brother and thanks so much. I am trying to get out as much as I can but taking the time to do it right. Yes also I do the same thing Regis. I was thinking before Christmas and that at Christmas I would be able to take it outside and start the ball . loll Only positive thoughts and I won’t slow down. WIll only get quicker and better. I think I have used my 4 inch telescope to it’s maximum potential. lolllll As for my Fujifilm Camera I wrote to the Fuji guys and told them to stop saying that the camera is not the best for astro photography. I am capturing the Universe from my porch. lolll

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    2. Thanks so darn much Regis. You know this website will only grow. I cannot wait to get the big mamma. Then we can use my 1500 mm for the sun HOLY CRAP gonna be wonderful. lol

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  2. That was an excellent video. I am seeing well built structures.

    There goes Bruce happily making all those dance hall moves at the end of the video. Now those spammers are all raging with hate….LOL

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    1. HAHHAHA YES you saw my sarcastic face did you? hheheh. They must be like look at this prick. He thinks he’s ALL that. How is he getting support he gets like two views a day. loll

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  3. You are the right person in the right place at the right time Bruce. So keep the truth strong … carry on, you are doing well in your presentations. Just thought to drop a line. Cheers. -George

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      1. Feel like my boys are coming back from war as they arrive one by one loll. Feels good or it will once I see 10 of them loll.

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      1. I am on Idol. Nobody has the same trouble. Welcome to HELL> LOLLL Welcome bro. Miss the old commenters so much. Nobody came back man. We are like 6 of us. lol

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      2. Brother I accepted you and after first moderation your free to post like usual man. I just approved you that might play a factor on the videos. The videos are high quality and sometimes if a computer is to small it can lag. Like mine loll. Welcome bACK BRO.

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      1. Excellent video Bruce, definitely see structures and at time mark 3.11 those two sets of pipes/tubes amazing capture bro….. Only just managed to watch videos today has iv’e been working on my computer, was sounding like an old tractor and running slooow.. but not any more lols running smooth now 🙂

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      2. HEY hehehhe I can’t help but think the same is happening to you because mine sounds exactly like a tractor. LOLL ITS NEW loll.

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  4. Man it,s good to be back…Bruce….Yer blow,in my mind….WOW…Awesome….And tanks every one that said hi…Love all you guys….You know what I mean!…And thanks to crazy Penn..for keep,in me up date,ed…You guys are all the real deal….Darlene…..I did not know that you could paint….Vary nice job…I draw a little myself….Vary cool…

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    1. Thanks bro happy your back. Darlene is a legitimate artist. She paints faces mountains birds trees you name it. Her portraits are eerie meaning they look like pictures. AMAZING!

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      1. I draw as well…I,ll have to do something for you guys….I like to use my air brush now…May be a pin up girl..HA HA HA…I would LOVE to see some more of her work…I like to work with color pencils….They blend vary well and don,t smear to much…Any way …Thank for the reply my friend…


      2. YES hehe on my big new telescope we will get for the community. Wouldn’t mind the girl there haha. Your very welcome my friend. Thanks for stopping by.


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