The Golden Ring That Shines Bright Like A Diamond…The Solar Ring Of Fire Theory by Bruce Swartz. Just a regular fella. The Biggest Controversial Issue In Religion Today Dare I Touch This? lol Here Goes. Was Moses Worshipping His God On Top Of Mount Sinai? Ancient Sun Worshippers. If ya want to meet your God Head Towards the SUNLIGHT loll





One of the most provocative issues in Religion across the World today is Whether Yahweh was worshipped as being a Sun figure. Ancient Sun Worshippers. I think I was there.

What if the Sun were a Spherical Ring of Massive Fusioning Fire. It’s center core being so hot and so bright, surrounded by the massive solar ring. The Sun can “burn” hydrogen to helium without the need for oxygen.  This is what is stated scientifically anyhow. 

 If the ring of fire was creating all this heat it would possibly create water molecules. This will be found out only in 2027 but we are getting closer. lol When you combine oxygen, hydrogen, and a small amount of heat you get water. The Heat of the fusioning Solar Ring would burn and then the fire would interact with the other many gasses in the Atmosphere of Space and now here is my question. A simple fellow just wondering some crazy shit. Could the molecules created by the fusioning of the Solar Ring’s Fire, create other complexed molecules that science does not know about yet, that could possibly be creating oxygen and sending it out through the entire solar system and planets in them. Maybe that is why stars burn. They are reacting to the oxygen in Space’s Atmosphere. Maybe the stellar winds that are created by the fusioning stars (suns) is what is making all the planets rotate and the movement of all the planets is what is causing the gravitational fields and polarities. Causing the Universe to work like a clock. I believe if gravitational waves and wavelength’s are moving to a certain pattern it is because so long me. the Universe itself is always moving. Maybe also what the Universe is Enveloped in could also be moving. The number of layers that may be in the Fabric of Time and Space, could be endless and beyond our understanding. By analyzing the sun’s patterns and through InfraRed and X ray Filtering we can label the interactions of the gases one by one and research them. This is a long process indeed and one that one person alone could never achieve in only a lifetime. The sun’s of our Universe could be actual parts of our God. Think of it. Beyond our understanding and not for everyone, Some can visualize something and patent it an hour later. No limits to what we can do but again. This is only for people who have open minds. Reality is simply the right mixture of the right elements. All The Sun’s in our Universe combined could be what is bringing life and vegetation throughout the entire Universe.




Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.

19 thoughts on “The Golden Ring That Shines Bright Like A Diamond…The Solar Ring Of Fire Theory by Bruce Swartz. Just a regular fella. The Biggest Controversial Issue In Religion Today Dare I Touch This? lol Here Goes. Was Moses Worshipping His God On Top Of Mount Sinai? Ancient Sun Worshippers. If ya want to meet your God Head Towards the SUNLIGHT loll”

  1. These are just some of my personal belief’s that I just shared with you all. I merely touched the tip of the subject. I have much more to say. Mother Nature also a part of the Bible. Her name is MAry. Her son’s blood fell upon the soil ya right. I get the riddles now. My other hypothesis is that the Sun is a giant Lens ALWAYS pointed to Earth so that we constantly see the blinding light and if we were to leave Earth and to head to the sun we would see that the sun is hollow and that is why they say it has no core. Their is always the little wee bitty lie that keeps the truth from surfacing. This theory of mine is very interesting and I hope some of you will see the light too.

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  2. ASHES TO ASHES, DUST TO DUST LITERALLY. WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN. THEREFORE WHAT COMES DOWN GOES BACK UP VICE VERSA. LOLL When we die we are sucked back up to God in no mater what the form. We will get there/ I Like this one loll. Whether we be gasses co2 whether cremated or sucked up by the sun drying in the desert after a plane crash. No matter how you look at this we WILL go back up to Heaven. The Sun. The reincarnation is another one I ain’t touched yet. IT IS SO INTERESTING!

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      1. If any of the work I have done so far reached as much as one person. My part will be done. Sleeping is another waist of time. I sleep when I have to. Vacation time no sleep. Just rest.

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      2. I am very sad after all I have done that not many people are supportive. They are jealous and want me off the internet. That makes me want to remain here even more. The more the World will hate me and whimper about my unorthodox ways of researching. The more the World will see me. Have an exceptional day Darlene. Thanks for the ongoing support.

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      3. TOTALLY RESTED! What has happened to me is that I am in awe with my findings and with the seriousness of it all. It affects me GREATLY being alone in believing this with only a few people. So I am researching 12 hours a day. It has been a year over now and the importance of what I am doing is not understood by many. Sad. I watched the entire internet post videos for years trying to convince the world that something was not right. I showed the world what they wanted to see and the world refuses this information. That is fine. You and I know this. The ones here THE FORCE know it. We will advance ourselves and leave to other ones in a puff of cloud.

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      4. I wrote this from the heart. The idea of this piece I wrote has much more meaning and reason then anyone could ever imagine. I realized that the ones who understand certain things will remain alone in understanding them. Die trying to show everyone.loll

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    1. Thanks brother. Just my wacky theories( I say wacky but I totally believe this COULD happen or be made to happen) again. lolllll Regis have an amazing day.


  3. Hmmm! Do you have any relationship to Einstein? You remember how many called him a crackpot! They even tried their best to disprove his theories! But, we ALL know how that went! Lolol! Maybe you’re onto something as well! Time and research is always the teller of truth! Great job, Bruce!

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    1. THANKS Penni. I am here to learn. I guess those who seclude themselves to dive into the veins of all knowledge and like a drug for a heroine addict. I thrive to learn. The only hardest part in it all is that I have always always refrained from being myself due to what others say. How others judge me and it seems people never understand me. I say a few words about religion or bring religion into the subject. People think I am losing it and it makes me mad that the world is not open enough to touch the subjects so controversial to this world. To kill three birds with one stone. We have to integrate science religion and Astronomy because the truth is there. They are also the holders of the secrets those fields. I believe Religion Science and Astronomy is where we can find the truth. We have all the truth before us but imagine it is filled with lies. We just have to decipher those lies. NOT EASY loll. Thanks Penni so much for the ongoing support.


      1. I wrote this not to start preaching. I wrote this to open people’s minds to other realities. Time to re decorate our minds with new curtains hehehe. Penni Thanks for those kind words.


    1. Well Said. I even had a laugh sitting down when everything in the Bible now sounds like an Astronomy book. Yup Mother Nature. For me God or the representation of a God that I have in my head is an advanced God beyond anyone’s imagination. Imagine If God was the entire Universe. All the planets and stars in it and all the winds and sounds and elements, lakes and rivers trees and flowers. All being connected to God. To kill him we would have to trample on the entire list of planes and stars and more would appear. loll The Universe is alive and some have the gift to communicate with certain parts of God. Even though many say this cannot be done. It can. Sorry God week on Bruce Sees All a touchy subject that I find is just so interesting BUt as specially has to do with our evolution and where we came from. THanks Darlene for listening to my CRAZY THEORIES that I believe LOL.

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    2. Yes well said Darlene.. We HAVE to read between the lines. They told the truth to us in a lie. Sort of white lie because Ia m sure the truth is not far from what we already believe or were told to believe. Thanks.


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