Tonight’s Special Presentation: Red Planet Near The Sun? Unknown celestial object seen on August 19th 2017. I got it.


The Sun has many planets and even Satellites that continuously cross between Earth and the Sun’s path. The constellations always moving too. Recently I caught a couple of unknown objects near the sun and Crazy Penquin keeps informing me of what NASA finds at the same time. More then just once and too many simultaneous events happen at the same time I find objects. They appear in the news but always days later. Thanks Crazy Penquin for the CME reading from the Coronagraph that showed me a similar plane like cylindrical object passing in the same direction that I saw the plane go by at. This Red Planet or Asteroid in this video seems to be losing a lot of dust or it is the gases mixing with the sun’s gases. When planets and stars collide or come close an array of colors so spectacular most often always occurs in deep space. This happens when the gasses of the surrounding planets mix with the entering celestial sphere. The colors and reaction to the gasses mixing is quite the show it seems.  I made a timelapse of 20 minutes into 30 seconds to be able to see the path it took in about 20 minutes times. It has it’s own trajectory and is turning quickly.

What will happen if this planet gets closer to the sun during the eclipse. We would see the planet lol appear and the whole world would (will) see it. lol. I can’t wait. The array of colors are going to be something out of this world.  The more I look at the Sun. The More it looks like a round portal. Just a golden ring that is so bright that the light creates a field of Fusion Heat and Fire. Maybe the Sun is an entrance or exit to this world we are in. Maybe if we go through the sun we would wind up inside of a blackhole and somewhere in the Constellation of Andromeda or further. 



Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.

19 thoughts on “Tonight’s Special Presentation: Red Planet Near The Sun? Unknown celestial object seen on August 19th 2017. I got it.”

  1. This object next to the sun could very well be the controversial Nibiru. It seems to be further away from the sun, and earth.
    Nobody should depend on YouTube as their only platform since it is being controlled by the elites of society who run the world. Every one should have their own website, and use the likes of YouTube as alternative platforms.

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      1. Hi ya Darlene, ya Facebook never used it or twitter etc. saw last night that The Fake News channel was doing a video on google, not had chance to watch it yet but will soon as i leave site….. They monitor everything we do 🙂 I think any communication should be done the old way ( written letters by post ) 🙂

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    1. Thank you Regis for the mention on the Planet Nibiru this is my thoughts also, and has you know it has companions if i’am correct there are four planets plus moons in the red dwarf system,..also the very next day that this was captured there was another object seen this time at the suns 2/3 o’clock position smaller in size than this red object also captured on the SDO… and agree with you about YouTube i always look on certain websites to confirm or debunk some of the YT videos…. 🙂

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  2. This is the same object for sure, and has/must go viral, even more amazing now that you have put the live footage up…. so much to say on this i’am just blown away…. The size of this object is massive and it’s because of this that many people will find it hard to grasp… this massive object as you know had only just gone through a corona mass ejection, so the size of this object you captured is correct….. You can see the debris swirling around this object, just an amazing capture…. They are not telling people about these objects which are near are sun they even took five hours of footage from the SDO while this object was passing.. And with the solar eclipse in two days, i think there are going to be many disappointed people due to chem trailing….. Another great capture was the asteroid with the light on it, what a catch bro…. amazing!!! get back on this later… excellent video bro a real hot potato 🙂

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  3. What does everyone think of the 222 spams up to date!?!?! Can you just imagine how much he had on YOUTUBE and what it meant to his channel???? At least this site is protecting very well! This is no fun though for Bruce, even though he seems to be hinting at them to give him all they’ve got

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    1. Darlene I was only thinking the very same last night… and another tactic they are doing to the YouTube channels is flagging the videos to get them taken down…. And like you mentioned this site is doing a grand job on protecting him.. I think YouTube are going down the tube literally!!! many are getting or in the process of using websites such has this one…. 🙂

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  4. Hey Bruce you found the video then lols, by the time i found it the video was up on site 🙂 that was very strange last night internet connection was driving me crazy, up till 4.30 am by the time video loaded…all seems fine now happy to say….. ya thought of dropping link too the asteroid if that’s ok with you bro ?

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    1. Yes sure bro. As for the links I guess once and while should be ok but I pay for everything that is on the website as storage. I wonder if the links are storage none the less Yes man I know your posting in relations to my findings and go right ahead bro. Thanks too man. Tonight everyone will have been answered too because I found to jackpot lot of comments haha. Talk in a bit will see the comments in a bit I am on the moon right now in the LAB. My son is gone for a day and I am plunging into my research. Well. loll I always am researching anyhow lol..

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      1. OKI DOKI 😦 Sorry bro didn’t know that you might have to pay for storage, your have to check that out for sure… any links from now on will be sent by email to you 🙂 Has iv’e got more links ( you know what i’am like with info 🙂 ) I hear ya on the comments same here bud seeing if iv’e missed any… Hope you do alright filming the moon tonight. been raining here all last night and mostly today grrrr catch up with you later bro have fun in the LAB 🙂

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    2. Wow that’s def an interesting object on that asteroid. Despite the scale being obviously different, I couldn’t help but imagine what a heck of a place to wacked a golf ball….and I’m not a golfer! I drove a cart a few times when my husband played and managed some games of mini golf. Still….that’s where my brain wanted to daydream for a moment! 😃

      Those peg legs/antennas added a nice chunk of “woah wth?” feeling to it as well! BTW, the link didn’t imbed the video, so I don’t think it would take up page space. However, thats just a guess on my part and I can’t give that guess any real weight.

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      1. LOLLL The Gold Ball I hadn’t thought of that one but yes as you do too I am sure. You wonder if these objects are not to small that we or our Golf Balls could role off the damn rock if it tips. I remember Teresa in the cartoons when aliens in bugs bunny cartoons way back when they showed aliens they would be on small planets like asteroids. The aliens would live in domes and have periscopes come out of the ground lolllll. O believed that LOLL. I WAS RIGHT . Teresa I am very happy you found your way back here. Imagine being on an asteroid flying by Earth. Yup. Maybe Earth is an asteroid hey I don’t rule anything out anymore. LOL.

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  5. Woah….OK, so I’ve purposely put Nibiru off to the side because I wasn’t able to get anywhere with valid info, images etc. Images that have been passed around just did not cut the bill. That has changed as of this very moment.

    Here’s the bizarre thing…I got to about 4:51 time stamp and video would stop. It didn’t pause, but it would not play. I stopped and started video 4 times, getting it to the 4:55 timestamp when a message (that I have never seen before from this site) said, “This video can not be played” I really hope this is just some random fluke. I’ll try again shortly…Oh geeze, lol….a cicada just surprised me by making a sudden fuss about 3 feet from where I’m sitting outside. I have a strange fondness to cicadas but they can startle ya when you don’t know one is nearby and its starts flapping and making noise!

    Anyway, this is pretty startling footage as well Bruce! I truly hope the video player just experienced a hiccup and all is well with the video itself. And huh? Did you say YT took out Greer’s channel? Each passing day reveals a new level of absurdity!

    No matter what they take, hide, or fake….I will cling onto my sense of humor. It’s mine and “they” can’t have it! Hugs to all!!

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    1. Cicada could be An Alien considering get out of there loll. Yes though haha they make you JUMP haha. Teresa ya dear thanks for that heads up. I hope it is a fluke too. Weird though. Yesterday WordPress contacted me saying that THEY hahaha THEY had trouble routing my website to google search and I have a connection trouble but only with google products. Always do. It cant all be just by chance. Their is a dark force in this. Thanks Teresa for keeping mke posted of anything like this as I know you always do. Thanks a million and again I am so happy your back my dear friend. loll

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