Spacecraft With Wings Ablaze Plunging In And Out Of The Sun’s Corona.



Spacecraft With(Wings ends Lifted Upwards) Long Cylindrical Slim body and a High Tail. Notice It Displacing Plasma In The Corona As It Enters Top Left At 10 o’clock And Exits Top Right At 2: O’clock. We Clearly See The Sun Was Touched As The Corona Flares Up For Us In The Video.  Notice The Wing With Cylindrical Motor On The Wing Like A Standard Airplane At Any Airport That Transports People. As funny as it Sounds. I know what I see.  I posted the asteroid or unknown celestial object I caught beside the sun a few weeks before. I got it live spiraling by the Sun. IF YOU HAVE GOOD EYES I WATCHED IT 20 TIMES AND I CLEARLY SEE THE FLARING UP BEFORE THE CRAFT ENTERS THE SUN’S CORONA, THAT IT IS THE MOTOR ON THE CRAFTS WING THAT IS BURNING AS IT SEEMS IT COULD BE IT’S PROPULSION ATTEMPTS BEFORE ENTERING THE SUN. SERIOUSLY LOOK!

Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.

17 thoughts on “Spacecraft With Wings Ablaze Plunging In And Out Of The Sun’s Corona.”

  1. Guess What I caught A Massively disturbingly huge mothership going by close to the sun. Looking at footage right now not sure what the hell I got.

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    1. I think I know what it is. You caught a high flying jet aircraft going by the Sun. As it entered toward the middle of the Sun, the Sun started reflecting light off of the metal of the aircraft until it was all reflection, the camera could not make out the difference between the actual sunlight and the perfect reflection. The reflection was visible for an instant before and after entering the domain of the sun.


    1. Finding a craft entering the sun’s corona and my website no views I am happy I am touching a nerve with a few big associations it is time they tell us the truth. Thanks for viewing. My son still resting his wisdom teeth operation took all his energy. Better he is today though told him to stay in bed and I gave him the bell to ring me. lol Thanks again so much. Darlene in space the heat is not felt the same way it is here. The reason we feel that heat here is the greenhouse effect and each solar ray hits the Earth and is supposed to bounce back out into space. Lately the sun rays have been lingering here on Earth and if it does it would cook us like chickens in a stove. SO I believe flying by the sun and I am probably the only person in the World who thinks this maybe not but the Sun is not hot at all. Unless you go through it. BUT the heat would react differently seeing their is no Ozone layer around the Sun but hey I haven’t checked and I would not be surprised if their was a Mc Donalds up there.

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    2. Yes we were told the opposite though. Like a child told the opposite to keep them safe. DO NOT GO THERE DANGEROUS they tell us ya my ass. Tesla read his books while the electricity ran through his fingers. Why I mention Tesla. He showed us himself that it was possible to hold a lightening rid in your hand without burning with the manipulation of Alternative currents and he manipulated frequencies. He must have been contacted by thousands of planets through his operations of listening to space sounds. A man before his time who’s work is still trying to be understood.

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    1. I am so happy to have shared this with you man listen seriously I am sitting analyzing the facts and the proof and this is a major finding. I am waiting for the clouds to disappear. Regis when I get the big mamma and we will of course I will use the 1500 mm for the sun WOW we will catch this craft brother that I damn promise you. Imagine Regis getting this sucker in close view it would be so bad ass. hehe Guaranteed that we find it again or something even better. Just so much to look at. SO bro lol the Sun by Day and the Moon and Stars by night. I always have an hour of the day no matter what the time to view something in space. Being productive is giving us these findings. Regis I couldn’t wait to hear your reaction and well heheh. Like me we did not react yet. Think of it man a craft was seen and the planets around the sun were not. A craft the size of the Moon. Great…lol

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    2. Filming the sun been an hour already. Will film 10 hours and watch the footage all night. I am thinking by tomorrow we will know the many different events that are going on near the sun and always a gift that God or whoever leaves me like this video. I am blessed I feel blessed. I feel so lucky to witness all of this and sharing it wamrs my heart. Mirrors man loll who would have thought. loll

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  2. Bruce Just stunned, Knew there was objects near the Sun I was expecting a stationery object, but not this and like yourself had to watch it time and again, I just don’t know what to say, only that it’s traveling very fast, It looks like it’s got some sort of shield around it before it enters the Suns corona, and it distorts the corona’s field while it enters it,and seems to be pulling some of the corona/plasma with it has it leaves the Sun, This object or craft looks similar to a plane,( now i know where the airmail has gone lols ) but we know planes don’t fly through the sun’s corona, 🙂 ( DO THEY ? NAAAA ) .Tell ya what it does look like and this will sound CRAZY “A Klingon Bird of Prey” ( has in Star Trek ) O boy this must be a massive object,and what a capture Bruce, You certainly see it all and you have always got a surprise for us,…. This needs more studying for sure, And it’s not an optical illusion, If a plane was flying past at the time you shot this footage, it wouldn’t effect the suns corona, like this object does… Going to have get back to you on this bro… think it needs some of your techniques to do a more in depth investigation,…. On a final note I am having a nightmare of a time with slow internet connection all day, just hope what ever is causing it will pass asap….. Once again you got us wondering 🙂 excellent work bro, sharing this of course!!!

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    1. YES and hoping it isn’t like me bro my computer is constantly under attack by bad people. If they see you commenting saying hello to everyone they are wondering who you are hehe buggers. I am here man take your time I’ll keep ya posted on that sun craft.

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    2. Again man just saying thanks for the amazing feedback and support you’ve given me and this website. Have you heard my new favorite expression Bro? I keep telling everyone now who are spamming me to watch it. Because I am from Canada and I’ve hired some Crazy Mother^&*(*) Penquins to Watch and report you biatches. LOLL Bro I have a sun Addiction. Not for tanning though anymore. I am white as a ghost from being secluded inside my lab LOLL. Best feeling ever. That sun man I am filming today for 10 bitchin hours and running all night in slow motion with my bigscreen here and beer and a chair. If I see as much as three asteroids a commet and a craft in a 3 minute video. That’s the worst of it I wont lie about doing long hours to get that big craft. Three bloody minutes then I realized if I film all day. I should get the lot of their crafts hehhe.

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      1. Ya still looking at photos and still having issues watching any videos connection really sloooow, And you mentioned about the use of mirrors which brings us on the artificial sun that Jeff P’s channel is covering this,and has been captured on film,can give links for anyone who wishes to take a look at…They are using mirrors and reflector lenses, in front of the real sun which is making the sun appear very it could be what you have captured? it’s got to be one of three things, it’s a craft that we see or it’s a plane?… (1) if it’s a craft this is 100% solid proof they are here… (2) if it’s a plane then it must of past in front of the artificial suns mirrors and caused it too distort and that’s what we may of witnessed… or (3) Haven’t a clue and back to being stumped… 🙂 Anyway what ever it might be,it’s one heck of a capture. and gotta be the very first piece of footage ever on capturing this event….I will email you on a thought that i have on this ok bro…. And also lols on the Penquins 🙂 it’s a pleasure to be part of The Swartz Force in helping get the family back together,and of course BIG MAMMA 🙂 A BIG THANK YOU to the family members who are presently here.. and to the one’s that find their way back home….. 🙂 2 days left to go until the Anniversary … and ya good idea on the Radio Show thing. “DJ Bruce” later Bro…. 🙂

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  3. By the way, this is a great special effect, could be used by film makers. Congratulations on you special effects invention. What if someone in the movie making business were to take note of your other work, especially the moon stuff….. make a great movie. Hey film makers…. Look at this!

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