Full August Moon Live Footage And Enhanced Surface.







The Moon is very colorful. The gray Moon we know of simply does not exist. For years the editing process we all use, limits us to being able to do more with our camera’s. One must venture out and beyond the standard editing process. To try everything and anything to succeed as I have without the cost of billions of dollars.  This video shows the true colors of the surface. The more we get closer the more colors we begin to see. Oscillating white pockets of either smoke or haze. Or the beginning of a wavelength trying to show us it’s true shape and form. This is a revelation in itself folks. The colors we see laying over the structures that are patchy looking or blurry are actually cities and structures that are seen better through different filtering. Infra red and X ray for example change the wavelength’s and permit us to see their shape or form. Wavelength’s that our eyes cannot see can be seen at times by different colors as we see in many of my pictures. I wondered for many months what those patches were. Long and short Wavelength Frequencies. If we dig deeper into the possibilities we could maybe examine a person that has died moments before and watch what happens to the body with infra red filters and ultra violet filters. Maybe one day being able to actually view what we perceive as a soul is the term we gave it. Their are many creatures and many objects right here on Earth that we cannot see and some people know that. Not many…lol These are subjects that only the wisest person could ever ponder over and let me tell you that the possibilities are endless. Parallel Worlds and Dimensions that lead to other Worlds. They exist. Blackholes are now being studied and thanks to the dust around them we can at times see their shape or forms. Blackholes…where do they lead to. If the Universe was to stop breathing let us say and the magnetic force and flow stopped. Everything formed from atoms would fall apart as we would too and the entire Universe would dissolve itself. What are spirits or ghosts as many call them made up of. Are they made up Electrically charged particles of Electrons? Makes you wonder that maybe it is possible to view these different wavelength’s through various new ways of filtering images. Imagine developing a tool that could show us the openings and cracks in our Universe and all the objects and creatures that may be out there staring back at us without us realizing it. 

Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.

14 thoughts on “Full August Moon Live Footage And Enhanced Surface.”

  1. It would be funny if Ghosts were made up of Atoms like us and everything on our Earth. They would knock over lamps and run into walls. Ghosts would have to wait until you unlock the door for them to haunt you lollllll

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      1. HAHA Zombies. Oh those kids hehe. When they stop playing Zombie Apocalypse the crafts will be waiting overhead. loll


      1. Same here we gotta talk one day about those events. Lots happened when my dad died. Oh here we go man LOLLLL


  2. Hi Bruce, Yeah this is massive information for people to hear and even more to actually see these structures, and yes totally agree with you on a lot of people haven’t got any idea at all of this… Funny thing is there’s a video been put out on You tube on the planet Mars and the structures on it, and the glass like tubes that stretch for miles, and the other face that has been seen, there is a craft which as been sent to orbit Mars ( can’t think of the name of it at the moment. have to get back on that info ) and pictures that will be released on new findings…well we’ll have to see if they do release the photo’s to the public, ( don’t hold ya breath 🙂 ) The thing is why don’t they talk about the stuff on the moon? everything they talk about is millions of miles away or light years away… four new earth like planets have just been found in system close to ours.. sent you link in email on this bro… ya think the stuff on the moon is too close for comfort for them to talk about. 🙂 excellent footage of the full moon brother, lols on the black spot following you…. 🙂 told ya it’s the mysterons

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    1. Mysterons ya indeed. I found a spot on my wall too but it was chocolate. LOLL Yup they talk about Mars and here the Moon we see activity from Earth To The Moon. So funny hehhee. Can’t wait to see what they say they found hehehehe. They will make a story up about a secret space mission that happened many years ago before their knowledge of course from a secret association you watch hehehe gonna be fun to see what they create as a response hehe


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