J A S O N  J O H N  S W A R T Z


          $ 3 . 8 5 7 . 0 0 RAISED SO FAR…

         W E B S I T E   G O A L :  $ 9 . 0 0 0 . 0 0


Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.


  1. ALMOST THERE FOLKS! A dream the Community and I started that we have made into a reality. Quickly reaching our goal. It is a beautiful story everyone. I am a person who has never asked anyone in this world for as much as a penny. I got many. I have to specify MANY suggestions to start a fund page. The reason was because many people were asking me if they could help with the funds. Seeing I would not be able to buy a telescope that big without borrowing from the bank. loll The taxes a person is charged for being given 9000.00 in Canada is 2700.00 dollars at the end of the year. That will be my contribution as their is no escaping the system loll. Out of my pockets and not the fund pocket. As I have been thinking about where to buy and what to buy. If I go into something used in good shape at a trusted retailers we will be on the way to getting a scope bigger then 14 inches possibly and most surely. Only positive things can come from this. The research I have been doing and the structures I have documented. Real symmetrical structures my friends. We will be able to clarify them and observe them live footage on the new telescope. To be in a field of such controversy and to be able to participate in the search for life in this Universe. It is what I will be doing until the day I die. Or should I say re born.

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    1. Your right on the money with that. BYE BYE SPAM SHITHEADS lolllll. People think it means they cannot comment bad responces it has nothing to do with that as the spam I was getting are people sending me hundreds of links. You don’t post hundreds of links on a hosted website it wont happen lollll. YES lol

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    1. Regis. Hi man. Hope your having an exceptional day. I appreciate that mention man. YES this is my brother real brother who really looked hard at my videos and he had not believed everything entirely until he saw the clear photos I took of buildings. Regis. Thanks very much. Everything you say comment here is always so positive and kind. I cherish friends like you as the great people of this world are very few. The real ones. I really want to thank you for having confidence and the support you have given this website. The channel I had before on YouTube also as you always aim at helping me get ahead. The ONLY WAY I will get out there is by people like you Regis. Thanks broher. HEY Regis. Lots coming brother.

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