I AM GETTING a few contributors asking me why I am taking their names off of the list of contributors AHHAHAHAHHA   SILLY RABBITS they are my older collection and as I added the names ONTO the list. By re posting my older videos well the ones who did NOT contribute will not be in the older list. I am posting all of my old videos but I post my recent ones too like yesterday. I mentioned PENNI JONES all the way up to John Douglas as I always do talk about the communities FORCE. Starting up my website has left me alone with many of my best friends thinking that I forgot them. Sad to see you all think that. IF their is one of your names missing from the contributors list it is because you did not know me when I posted that video. To go back and re enter all the new names would cause me to re format my 500 videos and that would take forever. SO NEVER will any name that gets onto my contributors list EVER disappear. You can contribute ONCE 5 dollars and in 20 years when you come back your name will be there in GOLD. I promise. I am an honest man and PLEASE all of you stop thinking I am taking off your names  They are my older videos so now as I post the older ones going back we will see only one contributor and that is John as he was the first LOLLL. SO all the videos I have done since I am on this website ALLLL HAVE YOUR NAMES ON EVERY VIDEO. Maybe you just have not seen them as I have never missed a name in  my life. ALL NEW RECENTLY DONE VIDEOS HAVE WEBSITE CONTRIBUTOR MENTIONS. I LOVE YOU ALL SO DAMN MUCH FOR HELPING ME YOU CAN BE SURE I WILL NEVERT FORGET YOU ALL. NOR WILL YOUR NAMES EVER BE TAKEN DOWN FROM MY WEBSITE.

Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.


    1. Ok, my friend, I saw it! XXX After I sent that out to you I thought about it and wondered if my name was missing because it was before my donation. So, sooo glad to hear that was the reason. I had thought we were becoming friends! Never thought of you as a person to take anything that wasn’t yours! XXX
      You sound sooo frustrated! But, you were hit hard! How long were you doing this before you got hit? I know you had hoped to get right back on that horse and ride again! But, life, as you well know, isn’t always that easy! Boy, don’t I wish it was! Lolol!
      Ok. Listen up! You have done a fantastic job of reloading ALL your videos PLUS all of your new ones! If I’m an example, I have been inundated with videos! Lolol! Not that there’s anything wrong with that… but I can’t catch up with you… yet! And, I don’t know if you’ve received my comments. I tried to let you know about the issues I was having but I never heard back from you! The shorter 5-6 min videos are coming thru better. It’s still hard to hear you but I plan to get some earphones next payday…that should help. I’m really glad you took my suggestion about pointing to the things you are talking about…makes it sooooo much easier to follow your narrative. Didn’t you get the email addresses of all your youtube subscribers? You have my email now… Use it! Or, you can call me 520-312-2956. I don’t know how it works between Quebec and Tucson but… Feel free to holler if you need! Ok? Let me know how I can help you. I am in this with you! Let’s form a “plan of attack” to get your folks back…plus many more! I’m not quite sure what happens when I post your videos to fb… But will try to post more! Also, I’m not quite sure if it’s cool to post your website at other youtube channels…do you know? We need to do a bit of free advertising, me thinks! Lolol! Ok, Sweetie! Like everything else in life, let’s take this one day at a time! It will ALL be ok, my bestest Canadian friend! You did notice that your prez Trudeau was my #2…after you, my #1! Now, give me some feed back and let’s get going! Ok? Great BIG Penni hugs! I’d send you eyeball licks but don’t know if we jnow each other well enough yet! Lmao!

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      1. PENNI like Justin Trudeau my emails come in very slowly as many threats and hahha you wouldn’t BELIEVE the promises threats I get loll. YES we know each other enough to Lick EYE balls LMAO loll Hey Penni your doing so much already and these comments if anyone else sees them well it helps, that’s for sure. Sharing a link is totally legal and in the subject of space. I think the ones who paste and share the same comment on all subjects and types of pages will be marked as spam but again we wont do any jail time for it as everyone seems to do this. I get John Lenard Walsons link all the time on my page hehe. IIt is how the community works they spread the channels they like round indeed. Penni everything you are doing for me is so exceptionally sweet. Just like you are of course. I really appreciate all your doing for me. PLEASE be ready as I have only uploaded 11 percent of my old videos as I had 500 of them. Did you know that? I bet they were hidden. I had video of UFO crafts passing over the moon and hehe I got 13 views on it when I was on youtube hehehehe. Penni I am getting your messages and will check emails and hey thanks for that number I Promise I have to call ya soo for sure to say hello. Please know I appreciate that your in this with me my sweet friend and know that many more will do so as I hope this will help me get out there. Videos will be up today so be ready poor you heheh. xx Stay in touch and by the way will get back to or will message or call you the minute something important comes up. Or if I get any ideas and I warn you,. I do get ideas often. Penni this is not the first time I get kept back or hacked or shut down I mean even YouTube has posted lies to destroy my identity. Whether it was done for that soul reason I don’t care. All I know is they defamed me. THAT will make me do better choices and know now exactly which buttons I can press and I am getting better each day at being able to edit surface moon structures and proof that the moon is inhabited. Talk soon Penni.

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      2. I replied to this a while back I don’t understand why it did not show up. I am here my friend. Always will be. Thank you for all your help and support Penni. Love from Canada.


      1. Yes Penni I think your suggestion about posting on Facebook sounds great…I have been giving bruceseesall address in comments on other sites only when I saw someone asking about him…so far it’s all good hopefully it’s working

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      2. THANK YOU PENNI!!!! XX YES it will and it is helping. Just a slow rise but atleast the website is seen a bit but I know for a fact my website is being held away from big crowds. THANKS for all the help and support and CONTRIBUTION PENNI. Love from Canada.

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      3. Love You Guys. Your already doing the right thing I think and I am appreciating it. See you guys win too because I am a guy that if someone is nice to me or helps me. I feel obligated and pleasure to compensate and spoil that person as I know good people do not grow on trees. Thanks ladies.

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      4. Thanks Penni xx. Only small groups will come I think really odd that the world is like this. Yet I am sure that someone wants me down. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. lol


  1. Hey Bruce, LOLS I’am here at last,Hope all good bro, sent you e-mail explaining that i was having issues getting on the site, was working fine before but for some reason it seemed like something was trying to stop me getting on here. ( them Gremlins Again) like i was saying had a few days of issues but looks like it’s fine now… got some catching up to do lols…. ya it’s a hard struggle at first but it’ll all work out, Iv’e Left your website link in some of the comments of video’s iv’e been watching, in hope that some of Bruce’s gang see it….:-) Don’t know if you have received post yet bud it’s still says the same has it did the other day.. it’s gotta get to you this week if not i will get in touch with post office… catch ya in a bit bro,….Paul 🙂

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    1. Gremlins indeed. grrrr AAAH wanna scream sometimes. lol HEY MAN thanks so very much for sharing the website link. Darlene , Penni, You and A Hell of a lot of others have told me they share my work these ways too and hey it is all positive for the website and my research, getting a chance to be seen. I thank you kind sir,

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  2. BruceSeesAll has proven to me that he is VERY HONEST…we owe him a thank you for taking his own funds and starting up a new website of his own on wordpress…this was expensive and a mark of true honour to want to continue a channel for us for FREE…..thank you I really love your channel and appreciate this a lot

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    1. Thanks. Checking why I don’t get comments since yesterday I clicked something. That or the website is being help in idol. This is why WordPress is fighting for Net Neutrality.

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  3. Hiya, I’m really glad I’ve found this info. Nowadays bloggers publish just about gossips and internet and this is actually irritating. A good website with interesting content, this is what I need. Thank you for keeping this web site, I will be visiting it. Do you do newsletters? Can not find it.

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