It is not normal that these findings are remaining hidden. It has been A year now that I have been showing this compelling photo of absolute proof. Proof that the Moon has constructed objects on them. Whether they are inhabited and still in use or not, we have only signs to decipher what is up there. We see crafts and lights whizzing by over the Moon’s surface and we see bright energy sources on the Moon. The ejecta from lava flow looks more like highways in California.  Bridges and over passing highways. Symmetrical circles perfectly round and squares perfectly square.  I worked on this photo and in color as clear as day here is the city. A real city on the Moon. I need you all to share this video as it may be a short time before it is taken down once again. From 7000 views a day to nothing. All my videos were deleted. If and ONLY if you believe this short video is enough proof for you that the Moon has or has HAD someone on it please share the video for me. Or please support me by following me as here is the thing folks. If I would have had more then 20 000 followers on YouTube they would have left me up. Too many people would have known. I have had many people working around the clock on my case and keeping me silent. Threats, Hacks, Viruses, Copyright theft 4 times my videos, many photos stolen too. I continue to post my private astro photography and all my research entirely for free and no ads on my videos and a clear shot of the Moons surface imagine I still do not get views. Impossible. I am  being followed online very closely. My phone rings off the hook all the time and the friends I had in town no longer talk to me as I am a nut now. The takedown of my entire YouTube channel has made me stronger but set me back a couple of months. Please help me so that this will not happen again. Follow me my friends. Share my Fund Raiser Link please as me and my community are trying to raise enough money for a bigger telescope. Without a doubt the evidence I will be able to rake in will be the cherry on the sundae.



Author: Bruce Swartz Astronomer

Hello I am studying Astro Physics, Astronomy and the stars. Planets, Celestial bodies like Asteroids and Comets. Deep sky (Messier Objects) I have a unique technique in editing and capturing planets both far and near. My name is Bruce Swartz. I am An Amateur Astronomer...Welcome.


  1. I have a 1500 MM TELESCOPe that is only 4 inches. loll Any questions? My technique magnifies it like I had a 10 inch scope and up. Imagine when I get my 14 or 16 or BIGGER telescope???? I will be able to get all the surrounding structures and very little small detail objects on the surface. That means we will see the movement and activity. We are almost there folks. Only a matter of time.

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    1. Hey Brother, Lols so your a NUT well join the club bud, You know like many others do, that all this will be out in the open soon, and then who are the nuts or crazy one’s 🙂 Hey you knew that you would be ridiculed on your findings, same crap is happening to many others,they may be on to another discovery eg ( The objects near the Sun/Planet X and even in the UFO community ) same thing is happening to them,being attacked by trolls,threats,and more….. Their crapping themselves that their dirty little secrets are being uncovered, and they will stop at nothing to try and shut you and everyone else up…. But it just makes all of us stronger!! soon have Big Mamma bro…. Stay strong bro 🙂

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      1. ONWARDS BRO! hehe Yes they are saying oh no it will surface too fast they have to move on this. If not slowly bit by bit the world will resort to amateur astronomy before believing automatically what space stations say. The world has come to trust certain big associations and I think certain associations have entirely taken advantage of this. Without a doubt. Thanks bro.

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  2. Hey Bro Sorry for not replying until now, Just going through the categories of topics, and noticed i had not replied….. Still feeling my round the site bro 🙂 Yes onward and beyond and NO RETREAT !!! …. Seen other channels still getting attacked and taken down…. I’ve noticed a trend of how many, are doing what you have done here with starting your own website, Some have or on the way to having a live broadcast radio show, ( Know you made a comment on this 🙂 ) YouTube going down the tube, unless you want to watch fluffy pets doing stupid things!!! Don’t get me wrong i love animals, got three cats that do silly things all the time 🙂 … And the channels that are still up on YT have 20/30 plus or a million + subs or followers , so the one’s starting to grow rapid all of a sudden are stopped in their tracks…… Also time for NASA and the other space guys (ESA) to let everyone know what they know about who or what’s on the moon!! Don’t forget they are planning a mission to go to the moon, sometime in the very near future. so i wonder if it’s at that time they will say something? People will be asking too many questions eg “did you see any of those massive structures that are everywhere ??? ” guess we will have to see if the ESA lie like NASA does??

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