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This website gets no traffic for some reason being idled even when I pay hundreds of dollars to keep it running. This website is a haven. My photography is all here and my vids will be uploaded here everyday and youtube vids also will be uploaded here but the formats all have to be changed as youtube is different. Lots to come everyone I am just doing it all alone. Thanks for your patience.. Astro photography will be posted this week. Lots of it. So I have this site for people to find my private unknown planets and all the good stuff.


Live Moon Oct 27th 2017 This Unknown Object Radiating Much Light. A special thanks to all donors. All donations go towards making this website top of the line. In coming months many surprises. I Can’t Wait to see your reactions.

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Steve Olson Host of the (WSO YouTube Channel) Interview with Bruce Swartz. Thank You Steve Olson for sending me the original video to post on my website for the community.



This is my personal work. I post everything knowing you will share these by the share buttons please and not by taking them as yours. These are important to show the world that Celestial bodies are off course throughout our entire Galaxy and maybe even further. Who knows.

I work hard and this technique is superb and exact in it’s detail as I am obtaining footage and photography of objects unseen by the naked eye. It is my belief that possibly the planets and stars around us including our planet Earth is undergoing a major shift. What is causing this shift we can only speculate for now. Planets and stars off course and losing their gravitational hold inside of their systems or galaxies. Some approaching our moon and is most likely causing the planets and stars in our Solar System to shift. Southwards. The dangers of certain stars with toxic gas in the stars atmosphere could have a major affect on our health. Both for the temperature changes and a whole slew of other challenges we may not know of. Asteroids are seen everyday now and with the naked eye meteors almost every morning here can be seen and coming from every angle. Up and down. Left to right. Right to left.  We now see the catastrophic events that we are hit with and it’s only the beginning.They will get larger and more frequent. How long will the shift last. What are the dangers of the approaching celestial objects. This may be something that may never be regulated. Fear of Earth itself leaving the Solar System after losing it’s gravitational hold or worse going straight into the sun. We would all be well you know.


Montes Apenninus Tunnel Or Device Exposed And More. No audio at a certain point for whatever the reason; Still an amazing video trust me. Clavius crater and I expose in detail what is hiding in Montes Apenninus connecting to Eratosthenes Crater.


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Are You All Excited For The New Telescope?

Hello and welcome everyone. For those just joining this website I am in the process of buying a 14 inch telescope for the community and I’ll be taking suggestions from viewers on where they want the next hunt to be located on the moon. Once We get the 14 inch telescope I will be doing my magic. With my 4 inch telescope which I really appreciated. It gave me the urge to want a bigger telescope and thanks to all of you we did it. YOU DID IT! I will hold my end of the bargain as I will film every chance I get. We are going to see crafts. FLEETS! I was able with my technique to get as close as a 13 inch telescope. Some say 14 at times with my photography. That means the 14 inch will blow us away I assure you. I can see it now. WOW.  This week end I will be posting many photos I took of objects disturbing our Moon and Sun. Guess what the focal length of the new telescope is going to be.  Drum Role Please….3910 mm (154 in) and hang on I will try and get a TELEVUE lens that magnifies atleast 2.5 times. We should be at around with my technique just under 10 000mm LMAO and the Optical Tube ways 50 pounds LMAO. YEEHAW!


Asteroid Under The Moon October 17th 2017 5AM ….I have a lot of great shots I have been getting of all these objects and I will have them up in a day or two thanks for the support everyone.

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PART 1 of (Exposing The System Of Unknown Objects Close To The Moon). Getting part 2 finished and answering comments right after. I said that twice already I know. Was busy all.

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Hi Everyone Thanks so much for stopping by. Comments tomorrow with my coffee and I hope more celestial surprises as the skies are ever so filled with mysteries for the camera’s to capture…if you can. The featured photo in this post is Chemtrails being sprayed Aggressively the minute the sun went down on October 12th 2017. The day of the 2012 TC4 fly by. SO? Where is it? Nobody talking?

Seeing a meteor is awesome. Three is even better. No proof but you can be sure I will share my experience with you all. It was 5:06 AM here in Montreal Canada and I was looking outside for asteroids before even putting on my pants.  lol The minute I opened the front door I was a witness of part of a Meteor shower. The first fireball entered the atmosphere with a clapping sound I saw and heard it right over my house. Two other followed but they were slow??? REALLY SLOW!  The first Orange bright fireball slowed down until it lost momentum and fell straight downwards like a piece of craft or something as I have never seen a meteor come into the atmosphere and drop.  Great photos too will be posting them all week end of the skies the two past weeks. Just amazing. The stars are close and ever so bright. The Moon will be at it’s Apogee meaning it’s closest range to Earth. Just in time for the 14 inch telescope everyone.


Chemtrail Plane Characteristics And An Unknown Asteroid Flying By The Sun On October 12th 2017. Hoping it is Asteroid TC4 2012 but I haven’t heard anything about it yet. Nor have the talked about it’s passing in the news.


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14 inch telescope will be ordered a few days before the money arrives. UPDATES DAILY!!!!!!!


I saw what looked like Arcturus with my own eyes in the sky so close. Once processed it was radiating green and I saw Aldebaran (IN FRONT) of the CLOUDS. YES IN FRONT!!!! Asteroids around the Moon. Crazy Events going on.

The Moon is NOT 400 000 km away.  Neither are the Constellations Millions of Light Years Away. We are stuck in a dome. NASA knows it. Now we wait.


Alien Disclosure Is Soon…New Telescope Update and answering all the comments tomorrow. Great vid up tomorrow too thanks for subscribing everyone.



This Is Part 1 of 2 0f Red Celestial Objects Seen During The Full Moon Oct 2017…An Audio error where the voices overlapped only lasts a few seconds. No music at beginning during Moon footage. Don’t smack your computer lol. Fixing my damage at home due to water. I was able to get this amazing video up at the last minute. Red Planets.. Welcome Everyone. Telescope update video tonight.



Last Hurdle before the Telescope?

I have to now ask a certain donor that donated a good amount to the fundraiser if he will write a letter declaring that he has given me the amount. Unbelievable. I set my settings to pay out and asked for the funds. They said it was unusual to get several donations from the same person.  Tomorrow the amazing video of the red planets I caught and update on the telescope fund. I still have to wait now for them to tell me how they want the bitchin letter. I told them that bothering donors was not the best thing to encourage donations. Dumbasses. I will be calling them tomorrow asap. Updates tomorrow everyone. Last Bitchin Hurdle.


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Good Morning All. Big work day for me today and I am anxious to come back and work on all my new findings. I have a file here I called tomorrows smile. Red planets appearing everywhere. Enough of the lies. For the first time I caught the moon with two red objects over top. Intense red. In the mornings we are seeing new stars. A new sky. Like Earth has shifted places or has the Fabricated Universe around changed positions? Something has happened. Many are reporting red objects by the sun. Many are reporting that the skies look different then before and I have noticed this more now then ever before.  Earthquakes near Puerto Rico yesterday in the exact same spot that Irma’s eye was seen a couple weeks ago. This week end I will be working on some amazing videos. Thanks for the support everyone and I’ll be answering comments tomorrow. Telescope Funds Update tomorrow.  That Moon last night it was raining and cloudy but I got a little footage anyways.


Dark Changing Craft And Live October 2017 Moon Footage. Hello Everyone……… $ 10.070.00 dollars raised for the big mamma scope and updates tonight on the amount and when it will be ready for pay out.


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They say the Unknown secrets of this World will always remain a secret. Only few will learn and prosper from my controversial way of viewing the surface. What I found on the Moon is real. I know it is and I have enough conclusive evidence to prove that the moon was or maybe still is inhabited. Activity on the surface as we see crafts zoom by every moon phase. With the 14 inch we will see the surface in a way that will change history. Whether it be written in the books that is not important. What is important is that the Moon will be the people’s again. I want to thank all who believe in what I am doing. I do not intend on stopping any time soon. Thanks for the support everyone.


Clavius Crater – Copernicus Crater – Eratosthenes Crater. Astro Photography by Bruce Swartz. (planetary Research for Truth)


There is a tunnel structure communicating to a winding pipe or tunnel that turns towards, Montes Apenninus Mountain Range and goes completely over it. It is important to clarify this for everyone. I am working on it. I posted it before but I want to really get in close. With the new telescope we will be seeing quite the difference I want you all to know.  We are well on our way to seeing things we never have before. Possibly even what No man or woman lol has seen before. LOOK at Clavius Crater how the supposed craters are aligned and one size smaller then the other. Analyze this crater it really does not look natural.



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NEW TOTAL: $10.070.00 Raised!




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Featured … … … … they go by many names trying to spam the website but are without success. I have a surprise for you.




attiseda  IP address is  attiseda@vovin.gdn

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A Real Massive Installation On The Surface Of The Moon No Bullshit… The color spectrum and wavelength’s. (nanometers)

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This massive installation either mechanical or housing units. Work spaces Research hubs and Observation stations. We see entrances to the interior levels nothing hiding all in plain vue. The wavelength’s once changed we can see these structures. Seeing I am not a registered astronomer and not being employed in the field of science and more or less researching myself. None the less I follow methods that are used world wide without any trickery. I have literally exposed the surface in a way that is overwhelming for most and most are in disbelief. That’s ok and understandable. We are at the first attempts of revealing how the Moon’s surface is really made. The topography of it. The surface terrain and many descending levels. NASA even declared that the Moon’s surface had descending levels as low as 10 000 km. YUP! First steps to discovering the mysteries of the lunar surface.  The new telescope soon will be arriving and then we see a whole new surface. We go back to all the cities and one after the other clarify them for the world. Enough is enough of the hiding. I thank everyone who Subscribes and watches my videos. The shares and all of your attempts as I see many great people helping this channel. I thank You All. This is only the beginning to a very revealing year once AGAIN. lol


Sun Companions And The City On The Moon. I dare anyone to tell me this is not a city on the moon. That is crazy. Hey NASA I got this one and many more.

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I got the fund page up. Just a page where anyone can give what they want towards the channel and website for website costs and equipment updating. Help with the costs of transforming my garage into an insolated mini observatory. I am keeping this website free and posting all my photos and videos. Anyone can give what they want and can give anonymously if you desire. Most pages have Patreon pages or fund pages left up all year long and this is the same but we see the amounts loll. I ain’t hiding anything. Seemed fit showing the amount I raise per year. I will be investing everything always towards equipment and the website.

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It’s Almost Time Website Contributors and Followers, supporters. A very special thanks to (W S O YouTube channel) for the kind mentions to my channel on Youtube. Update on the telescope. Looking forward to future projects. Welcome to the W S O community.

HELLO EVERYONE WELCOME. My Astro photography will be uploaded here every week starting soon. Also my back up site if ever YouTube goes down again. Will be uploading lots of stuff thanks.